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February 16th 2011
Published: February 16th 2011
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Back at work. I feel wonderful, woke up this morning with a spring in my step, okay its more of a wobble ( need to gym) but either way things are still moving:-) Its a beautifu l day, the sun is out ( as usual ) the wind isn't freezing cold and everyones got a smile on their dial.

I am training a new employee today which seems odd to me, especially because I myself have only been in this position less than two weeks, and there is still much I must learn. I intended to have a meeting with my superior today anyways, and will be discussing my further training and future. I think its just a case of lines being crossed somewhere and him having the impression they've sent me through the usual system, which I havent actually been through yet.

Otherwise, tommorrow my spanish friends birthday and so tonight we will sit around the fire ( need to still find one lol) and have a glass of wine with him, under the UAE stars...sounds so un real doesnt it, yet its so true and it happens, its insane. Afterwards I will be taken in for a dose of good Kareoke singing, something I have finally lost my nervousness about and actually now enjoy.

Granted I have amazing singing partners. Last night we had the monthly Dart Compition, was fun to watch, of course all the boys took part and the girls stood and cheered on, eventually by the ending of the evenin, everyone was chanting, "for africa for africa" ha ha ha the only two south africans in the room being myself and my room mate Angel, he he he he man what a laugh.

So much has happened in the last three days including, my trip to the hospital yesterday. All the new staff had to go for medicals, and my what an experiance. My jaw dropped when I was told to get naked and stand behind a curtain, where then some woman came in and inspected me, telling me to turn like a chicken on the bbq. She also informed me of a wonderful deodrant to use, one that doesnt leave white marks, like mine does...lovely! After that I went for my blood tests where I immediately warned and informed the nurse that anything over 3 viles of blood tends to make me pass out. She was okay with this and mentioned she'd only need to take one sample. She took the sample and then shot me in the arm with a hypertitis B shot, this didnt hurt as much as everyone had informed me it would?

Thats when I thanked her reached for my bag and tried to get up. I almost nose dived out the window at the same time. I hadnt felt anything until I tried to get up, for some reason even just having the one shot taken had, blown me away like a time bomb! I was so light headed and instantly nauseas, I thought something really bad was wrong with me? She then shot me again in the arm with something and told me it'd make me feel better and that I should stock up on some sugar for the next half hour...I bought a pepsi.

All my friends who were waiting for me, had the impression something had gone wrong, and where so worried when I finally came out of the nursing station. They all thought I had not passed my test results for some reason and that I had been taken away by the UAE army....ha ha ha ha ha ha ha boy did that make me smile.

Anyways not much to report on at the moment, thanks for the ,msgs so far love the FEEDBACK its what inspires me, knowing there are people out there reading this, ,mwah love to all:-)


17th February 2011

Hey Leiah, this is Sara with the blog about China. Thank you for your sweet comment! Gosh your hospital visit sounds scary. All the best to you in the UAE and if you ever visit Wuhan, China in the next few months I can be your tour guide :-b

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