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September 19th 2006
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heading further down the West coast I got to a place called Selcuk, which has some old Roman ruins near by in Efes(Ephesus). they were great, and I haven't been to Rome yet so it was nice to get a taste for Roman Architecture. then I cut across through the centre of the country to a place called Pamukkale which was fantastic! they have something in the ground that causes a white sulphur deposit to spill out over the land and it's formed some natural pools. nice to check out more small town Turkey too, the kids here are so cute!

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drying their peppersdrying their peppers
drying their peppers

every house has a stash of these hanging outside in the sun. they seem to eat them with everything
Turkish buddies from the hostelTurkish buddies from the hostel
Turkish buddies from the hostel

Al Pachino on the left and Tom in the middle.
at the beachat the beach
at the beach

wet hair from the Aegean sea
Street party in SelcukStreet party in Selcuk
Street party in Selcuk

I asked someone what it was about and he said it could be one of three things... a marriage, a circumcision, or just some rich guy showing off.

thats the big Sulpher covered hill up there behind the poor shackled Cammel

a couple of Turkish ladies bathe their feet in the spring water
the most famous poolsthe most famous pools
the most famous pools

although not full of wqater today. at this time of the year there isn't much water so they rotate it around every section so it stay really white all year round

7th October 2006

the kettle calling the pot black
yeah, alright Russ, too much time in Chile has made my spanish bad, but I trade you with some lessions in English.
8th October 2006

Wow, you are beautiful
Hello Russ, awesome photos. I don't know you of course, but am deciding where to go next after spending 9 months in asia (my travelblog of Japan is under "ivadoll" here) and saw your photos and checked them out and wow, are you beautiful! I hope I run into you somewhere out there! iva (ivajan@yahoo.com)

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