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September 24th 2006
Published: October 9th 2006
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now this is a special place! a volcanic region, sort of in the middle of Turkey, and land has been sculptured over the years by layers of fallen volcanic ash and rock, and valleys where the waters have eroded it. truely an amazing place, and I think my favorite part of Turkey that I got to see. I also met some really cool people there which made it even better so I went out on a high note for sure. sorry my photos are looking pretty average these days too, my camera is starting to die on me and it's hard work to get a decent photo out of it these days. hopefully it'll last till Christmas when Santaruss might get me a new one

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Cave ChurchCave Church
Cave Church

this painting is on the ceiling of a Church carved into the side of this valley. a few thousand years old they reckon
a bit of coloura bit of colour
a bit of colour

Everyone else puts photos of flowers on their blogs so I started to feel left out.
my cave hostel in Gorememy cave hostel in Goreme
my cave hostel in Goreme

and hot air balloons in the background. I got up a bit late but every morning the sky is full of Balloons getting a better view of Cappadocia
me in one of the underground citiesme in one of the underground cities
me in one of the underground cities

this place was rad. it goes down about 8 levels and people totally used to live here. they've got their own winery, Churches, schools and everything
air ductair duct
air duct

this shaft is 37m deep, and they used it to ciculate air through the city, lower food and supplies down, and lift water up to the differant levels
love valleylove valley
love valley

given it's name because of all the felic structures. it sounded funny so a few of us from the hostel went for a walk through it and a couple of near by valleys. great day indeed
woooo duuudewoooo duuude
woooo duuude

are you a bit lost there buddie? Nemo's that way ->
whats uuuup Netty?!!!!whats uuuup Netty?!!!!
whats uuuup Netty?!!!!

this is Carly from Oz. does she look like Netty or what?! we ate wild blackberries and grapes all day
russ reflectingruss reflecting
russ reflecting


11th October 2006

Wow, looks amazing
What an amazing looking place and I'd never even heard of it before. Will have to remember it.

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