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June 16th 2012
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I have changed my focus for research. The Cult of Saint Mary, while interesting – was not “panning out” as they say. With this realization and the inspiration given by a friend I have decided to embark on a study of women’s sexuality in Turkey. I hope to include interviews, news sources, academic writings, etc. My friend said that her father-in-law paints the outside of his house every year, but never touches the inside. It’s about appearances. And in the Middle East in general, the appearance of a family’s holiness is in their women. In the South we refer to these types of individuals as being “Sunday Mornin’ Sorry.” For those of you who are not blessed enough to come from the South – let me explain. Men (and women – you know who you are) will often behave very badly all week long – gambling, whoring, drinking and of course swearing and then return broke and sorry to the pew Sunday morning trying desperately to find some kind of forgiveness. It is no different here – only maybe not the same sort of sinning. But women (coming back to my point) are the pew. Like my friend’s father-in-law who is cruel to animals, inconsiderate of children, and overbearing – he believes that keep his daughter modest can simply wash away all that sin in his heart. Whatever religion you claim - this is “Sunday Mornin’ Sorry” and no more real that Pamela Anderson’s breasts.


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