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August 15th 2013
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We left the Wonder of the World behind us with regret but had decided to travel further on for our night’s stay. Off through the mountains we roared with Ollie lapping up the miles and Woolly lapping up any liquid that came his way. With temperatures so high we are consuming vast amounts of water and juice every day, so many vitamins should be good for us!

Woolly says – It was a lovely drive and with less cars and trucks on the road now there was no stopping Ollie. We were Supertramping through the miles and although we had certainly taken the Long Road Home it is definately worth it. Taking the turning to Pamukkale gave us an instant change of scenery as the landscape became more of a swirl of hills, looking like the tide had just gone out. With only a few kilometres to go we pulled up the last hill and much to my surprise I had SNOW in front of me. Most peculiar.

The snow was in fact salt deposits and this huge tourist attraction is famous throughout Turkey for its thermal waters. Formed from sodium carbonate it is supposed to provide healing waters but from a distance it looks like a ski resort in Austria. We booked into the Sunrise Hotel for 115 Lira for the night (approximately £48.90 GBP) and went straight for the cool depths of the pool.

Woolly says – being hot and sticky a nice dip was just the thing before tucking into a mixed grill with Ian while Jo strangely enough had the fish option, a few drinks (and even free glasses of wine!) and we were well satisfied with the 85 Lira bill (approximately £36.00 GBP). We settled down for the night and awoke to the sun streaming through the windows. I enjoyed my breakfast with more eggs!!!! And had a good chuckle at the guests who were helping themselves to the Turkish tea from the urn without adding any water. Being so strong it needs diluting and the looks on their faces when taking a sip was great entertainment.

Ready and packed we took the short walk into the Natural Park and UNESCO site of Pamukkale, although early the place was already swarming with people. You can walk round the bottom area for free or pay 20 Lira each (approximately £8.50 GBP) to walk round the top, we went for the free option.

Woolly says – it was a most curious place and it still looked like snow to me until you touched it and found it was hard but very smooth. We strolled round paddling in the small streams that flow down from the hills, the water felt smooth with the bottom of the streams like talc under my paws. The lake is completely clear and the geese and ducks seemed to be enjoying the healthy water that they live on. We found an area with pools to sit in and throngs of people taking pictures, rather than fighting my way through I sat and watched the camel trying to lie down while Jo and Ian snapped away. With more bottles of juice and water acquired we set our route for ‘Home’. Ollie took to the mountain roads again with their amazing views. We seemed to make very good time and before I knew it we were approaching Antalya City.

The city was hot, forty four and for the first time we closed the windows and let the air con chill us as we thundered through the madness of vehicles flying everywhere.

Woolly says – I could see planes landing as we flew past the airport and onto the last 130 KM. Traffic lightened as we drove the last kilometres, a stop for fuel and a free wash for Ollie, who was very chuffed to look so clean after the dusty miles we had travelled. Places that I know were flashing past as we rounded the last corner and Alanya came into sight. It was lovely to jump out of Ollie and to be welcomed by our friends, just like coming home.

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14th September 2013
A Camel for Travel Camel

Transport meant for me!
I love the fetching hat the camel is wearing. Thanks for naming this photo after me; sorry it took so long to provide a comment.
17th September 2013
A Camel for Travel Camel

A Pleasure
Every time we see camels now we all go 'Travel Camel' - it entertains us!

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