The Cats of Troy!

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March 29th 2018
Published: April 1st 2018
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Gunyden - good morning. Another day in Turkey and it’s looking a little brighter. No rain. We are on our travels again; this time from Canukkale to Selcuk. We have our own little bus and our driver Ali welcomes us on board. As we are leaving Canukkale we pass a mosque and Burak explains that it is a relatively new building known as a foundation mosque - the Government pays for the foundations o... Read Full Entry

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2nd April 2018

Greek Whispers are even more weird than Chinese Whispers
Hello Mooma, Nice to hear Greek stories coming from you, and I'm glad you all went to Troy! Homer just wants to let you know that the wooden horse was given as a pretend gift by the Greeks to the Trojans. The Greeks pretended that they were abandoning the siege of Troy; they burnt their tents and sailed off around the corner, and left the horse with a few men inside as a pretend peace offering to Athena, for the Trojan temple to Athena that the Greeks had trashed in previous siege years. The men inside the horse stayed very quiet, and then in the middle of the night opened the city gates, to let in all the Greek warriors who had snuck back in their boats in the dark. Back to Poppy. I think you went to the same carpet place as me! It's where I got that blue and white plate, as there were lots of plates hanging on the wall in the same complex. We all felt a bit weird knowing no-one could afford to buy the carpets too. I expect they get paid enough to display them to groups of visitors that it's worth them doing it anyway, even if no-one buys anything?

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