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Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Troy March 29th 2018

Gunyden - good morning. Another day in Turkey and it’s looking a little brighter. No rain. We are on our travels again; this time from Canukkale to Selcuk. We have our own little bus and our driver Ali welcomes us on board. As we are leaving Canukkale we pass a mosque and Burak explains that it is a relatively new building known as a foundation mosque - the Government pays for the foundations of the building and donations have to be raised to pay for the rest. Now to the cats… well Troy really, but it's all about the cats. We are met at the entrance gate by a hoard of fluffy lovelies. Some are happy to be fussed over so I get a little distracted by cat cuteness and fall behind with my usual notebook ... read more
Map showing the different phases of buildings at Troy
Troy remains
Troy remains

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Troy August 24th 2015

Today’s reflection is less about the cities that we visited and more about a personal reflection on the opening verses of Psalm 63, which we read together for Morning Prayer. I have heard this psalm countless times, but these lines leapt off the page today, O God, you are my God— it is you I seek! For you my body yearns; for you my soul thirsts, In a land parched, lifeless, and without water. The day before I was treated at a medical clinic for the effects of dehydration (I’m fully recovered, no worries) and thus I have a new awareness of the intense yearning for God being expressed by the psalmist. My own body was longing for water and nutrients with an intensity that helped me appreciate the yearning for God that this psalmist is ... read more
Marble Floor (Temple in Pyrgamon)
Four of our group in the Temple
Temple to Zeus

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Troy April 30th 2015

Today we went to Troy on the way to Gallipoli. Up at 6.30 ish and ran downstairs, feeling super tired and not hungry, I know it will be a massive day so I grab a hard boiled egg and mash it onto a piece of bread. It's a long drive to Troy but it was a lovely day. Had fun, again, a lot of history and a quick walk. I'm really only focused on Gallipoli at this point so I kinda walk around quickly feeling I'm rushing. Stressed that my camera came up with an error yesterday!!! Can you believe it arghhhh! Hoping it will work as I'll be crushed if it doesn't work toMorrow! Got some photos in the Woodern horse and walked through the old ancient city.... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Troy May 7th 2013

Ancient cities of Troy Breakfast at the Tusan Hotel was at 7:30 and we were loaded on the bus by 8:00 and ready to ride the short distance to the ancient city of Troy. Silly us, we thought Troy was in Greece, and it was. However, this spot of Turkey, and much of Anatolia, had belonged to Greece during the Trojan Wars. There has been a city on this spot for thousands of years from the early Bronze Age to the 12th century AD. The archaeological ruins are now 5km from the coast, but were once right on a bay. This site occupied a strategically important position by controlling the principal point of access to the Black Sea through the Dardanelles. Excavations at this site revealed 9 different cities and 46 levels of habitation. Troy was ... read more
1305-52 Part of the inventory of architectural features from Troy
1305-53 Re-construction of the Trojan Horse near museum and bookstore
1305-54 Part of the Schliemann Trench excavated from 1871 with remains of the original walls and Bronze age house walls of Troy from the Early Troia I Period, c. 2920 B.C.

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Troy August 7th 2012

Up early again today – 7am wake up to ensure we get to the gates of Troy before they opened the gates. Breakfast was slightly disappointing, for a 5-star hotel it certainly didn’t match its ratings. Anyway, muesli and yoghurt consumed and ready for a day of adventure, we took off for Troy. On arrival, through the gates we were met with a sight of the big famous wooden horse. Now, I won’t go into too much detail behind the history of Troy, I’ve probably lost many readers after yesterday’s step back in history. But in a nutshell, Troy is an ancient city that was destroyed by the Greeks in a war that started cos some young Trojan prince stole the wife of a Greek king. The Greeks, who couldn’t initially break through Troy’s massive walls, ... read more
the trojan horse

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Troy November 5th 2011

TROY! I get to see Troy! First, we left Izmer this morning and headed toward Pergamum, moving north along the Agean Sea. Our guide told us the is a position for people who live in apartment complexes called a doorman, but not like the doorman we know. This person goes out to get stap,e groceries each week for you and is available for you to call with any request, like a craving for ice cream in the middle of the night, and they go get that for you. He told how his doorman knows his tour schedule and makes sure he gets up on time and has some dinner ready for him if his flight gets in late. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me. He told us at businesses in Turkey don't have coffee ... read more
cats even at the top of an Acropolis
the fortress walls
at the town center

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Troy August 18th 2011

This morning we left at 8.30 and we drove half an hour to Troy. On the way our guide told us about the legend of Helen of Troy and once we arrived we looked in the excavation building, and then went for a guided walk around the excavation sites. We learnt alot about the Trojan history which was really interesting. She told us about the 9 Troys, each village built on top of the one before after each one was destroyed, usually by earthquakes. We saw the original fortification walls dating all the way back to the 1st Troy village in 3000BC. We also saw the South Gate entrance to Troy 6, which is where Archilles killed Hector if the legends are true. After a couple of hours at Troy we it back on the bus ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Troy April 10th 2011

Another bright sunny day with an early morning crispness. We are learning to layer with our clothes as the middle of the day is quite warm. Our first stop was a visit to the ancient city of Troy. Over time nine cities were built on this one site and the Aegean Sea was much closer. To be met by the giant wooden horse was similar to being met by giant carrots in Ohakune, L & P at Paeroa, kiwi fruit at Te Puke, and numerous fish in the South Island. All a bit touristy but appealed to certain groups of tourists who enjoyed the photo opportunity. While clambering around the ruins we half expected to see Brad Pitt appear brandishing his sword. But no such luck. It was an incredible feeling to know that great Greek ... read more
Sunset at Kusadasi

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Troy June 12th 2009

I'm not really sure about all the fuss over Troy. Helen and all that, plus the links to the creation of Rome. But anyway, it is virtually on the highway south out of Canakkale. It is interesting in some ways and I got a picture of the important bit, the palace walls of Troy VI and Hilary, So I guess that is Hilary of Troy. After Troy we left the highway to take some rather more interesting roads out to Babakale. Some through tiny villages with chickens in the street, and on one occasion an untethered foal which was a bit shocked by the Harley, but nothing bad happened. Other parts were on some lovely winding roads through olive groves, hills, and at times the coast, all of which was very pretty. Then there was the ... read more
Roman theatre at Troy
Babakale harbour
The Westernmost point of Asia

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Troy June 6th 2009

Although I am not technıcally ın Troy right now, we did visit Troy (Truva in Turkısh) today. On the whole the site was quıte ımpressıve especıally gıven that fact that parts of it were built over 5000 years ago. Hightlights from the ruins included a cave (I think I have seen more caves in the last 3 weeks than I will probably see for the rest of my life), Nessie posing as Achilles clutching her heel infront of a group of tourists, and our picnic lunch (we ended up finding the most delightful little bench to eat it on aswell). We spent the afternoon at a beach just outside of Canakkale where Nessie and I were actually the only non-Turkish people. We managed to keep a group of children entertained for at least 45 minutes by ... read more

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