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June 15th 2012
Published: June 21st 2017
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Having decided to fly it made yesterday a really easy day. Slow start, train to the airport, 1 hour flight to Istanbul, into Sultanahmet by train and tram. So I made up for it today by starting fairly early and rushing all over the place. First to the Museum of Innocence, for those that know nothing of it this is the museum of the story of the book same name in English), the museum of the infatuation in the book written by. Orhan Pamuk (winner Nobel prize for literature) and if you haven't read the book then there isn't much point going to the museum. Of course if you haven't read the book then you have to and then you have to go to the museum. Simple. And then you would appreciate the exhibition of China dogs that used to sit on the television, and the thousands of cigarette buts. While there I was interviewed by a German journalist interested in why people go to the museum, if they believe the story, if they think the museum has any value unless you already read the book etc.. Apparently the book is a huge hit in Germany and they are starting to set up tours to visit the museum.
Then a walk to Taksim and an 87 bus back across the Golden Horn and on to the museum /church /mosque (at different times! of St Saviour in Chora which is said to have the most splendid Byzantine frescos and mosaics. Well they are splendid, and you would expect splendid Byzantine stuff in Byzantium, but to my mind they're not as splendid as the Byzantine mosaics in the churches in. Monreale and Palermo in Sicily. Just my opinion mind. We tried to see this, me and Stephen Whaley this is, a few years back but it was closed and we met the girl whose brother had walked across Afghanistan. All much grander now, even the cafe opposite has been tarred up.
Then the Turkish Delight shop, then a cruise on the. Bosphorous and soon I am off to see Dervishes twirling at Haydarpasa, I'm told it's better than the Dervishes we saw in. Konya a few years ago, I will let you know.
So, photos might appear later (none of museum of Innocence, forbidden! or when I get home, depending, but getting home is tomorrow so not too long.
The only thing that was 'better' about dervishes here was the venue, a converted hammam or bathhouse' but in truth it was too small, only six dervishes, and much too touristy. in konya the venue was grim but there were over 20 dervishes and it felt more 'real', i also think it was free. nothing free about this.
ok, a few photos to keep you going.


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