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February 7th 2014
Published: February 7th 2014
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Katherine got to see her father get killed by Turks when she was nine. She, along with her sisters and mother, ran away because the Turks had taken over their city. She said that she got to see people get slaughtered like sheep. She also said that when the Turks found a woman that was pregnant, they would "cut the baby out of her and hold it up with a knife to show". They leave their city and arrive to Harput were they are caught by Turks, but they were friendly Turks. She was allowed to stay and work for them without her mother. A couple years later she earns enough money to move to Cuba. At Cuba she marries her husband who was also from Turkey. They had kids in Cuba and raised them there. Every year she would remember the genocide of Armenians. She considered herself lucky to live. She has been through a lot of things and seen a lot of things but she believed that God was telling her that things will turn out alright.

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