5 November 2008

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November 5th 2008
Published: November 5th 2008
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Rüya Gerçek Oluyor (The Dream is Coming True)
Yesterday was a great day in history. After eight shameful years, my country has made a significant choice to depart from the policies of the George W. Bush regime. If only it could be a completely fresh start. As stated in President Obama's (oooh, I like that way that sounds!) acceptance speech, there is a very difficult road ahead. It will take years, if not decades to recover from the damage: financial, environmental, domestic, foreign, and so on. We can only hope for and work toward our collective success in emerging from the darkness and creating a better future.

The weather today in Ankara was appropriately warm and sunny. Many Turks seemed slightly concerned that Obama does not have enough animosity towards Armenia, but generally, most people on campus seem relieved to see the end of the current Washington administration. I'll venture to say that most of the WORLD is probably happy with the outcome of this election.

Congratulations President Obama! Best of luck to you and to us all...


5th November 2008

Kisses from 0zmit.
I forgot to mention that Sercan's mother called me today. She seemed giddy about the election outcome and before we ended our conversation, she told me "Amerika'ya öptüm," which means "I kissed America." She is adorable.
9th November 2008

There's my new post!

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