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June 12th 2008
Published: June 12th 2008
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Well, ive made it to turkey. the journey was long, confusing, exausting, and abit pricey, but so far its looking like it was worth it.

We left ios tuesday at 10am. we were already down one brit buddy who had to return home early. So the four of us, me,sandy,cotton, and dan, struck out for the island of syrios. after a 6 hour ferry ride we sat in the port of syrios, waiting for our next ferry at 1:40 in the morning, to samos. We set up our gypsy camp of bags and two of us stayed put while the other two went off to find food and drink.

During the 9 hour wait, cotton came to terms with the fact that he was out off money and booked a ticket home through athens. So 2 brits down, we boarded our ferry and went to sleep. I woke up around 7 and could not see any land ahead. because of the rough seas the ferry was behind scheduale, and we arrived in samos 3 hours late.

once we disembarked, it was gypsy camp again, and buying tickets to turkey. 3 hours later our ferry left, and 2 after that i was standing on turkish soil. on free taxi, a 4 liera bus and a free shuttle later, we arrived in Attilla's getaway, at 8:30pm. just under 36 hours travel time.

Attilla's was recommended to us by the guy who ran ios resort, mike. He said we would really like the place, and he was right. the moment we arrived it was, take your pack off and have some dinner. and dinner was fantastic. a few drinks, a futbol match(turkey v. switzerland), and a comfy bed, made the night complete.

Its a brand new day today. im refreshed and ready to explore. turkey is renowned for its historical sites, and im out to see everything i can. theres alot to see so ill try to hit the net again later to post some pictures of ios and turkey.

Also ive pluged my laptop into a lan network, and after some moaning, netscape reset and i think repaired what ever was wrong. ill have to wait to see if it will connect to wifi as none is present here, but its working for me now.

ill chat some more tonight so until then,
gule gule
from turkey

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12th June 2008

You Lucky Bastard!
I just got word of your travels and I am very jealous! Be safe! Know that at least one person is living vicariously through you! Please do all things I know I cannot do, update your Blog often with the details so I can follow along your journey! Jeff
16th June 2008

Ios then Turkey... well done!!
Wow ive just read your blog i moved out to Turkey on the 5th of may to live here for 6 months and see turkey for what it really is! i was in Ios last summer and loved every minute of it it was hard for me not to go back this year i apreciate the travelling 36hrs as i travelled 30 last summer from greece, go for it see everything you can im living in Antalya and its beautiful!
21st June 2008

hot turkey
thats good to here. where are you stay1ng 1n turkey?

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