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September 25th 2009
Published: September 25th 2009
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I have my interent back yayyyyyy. Its been like having no hands this last week, i havent had a bill for 3months and so of course typical they cut me off on a weekend and to make it worse its been the end of ramazan so everything was closed until Wednesday so finally back online and full of a cold and loads of work to catch up on. I couldnt get the time off work so i had to sit in the village until 4am when i was working so no wonder im full of cold...lets just hope it stays that way and doesnt turn up to be the flu cos my whole body is aching like mad.
So what's been happening.... not alot lol. I got a day out in Maramaris yesterday so that was nice and started the dreaded christmas shopping just a couple of bits for the kids some clothes dvds and most of the stuff for my hubby except his main present cos they wanted silly prezzies and got mine in cos know what i mp4 player and found one for get this....80lira thats like under 40quid they normally cost over 100quid so really got a bargain and it comes with a 2year guarantee..novel lol.
our site has a massive meeting tomorrow about all the problems here so im hoping along with everyone else that we will get some definite answers and be a bit more aware of everthing whats going on and what will happen in the near future. Lets just hope the meeting is actually civillised for once and we dont have punch ups or flying turkish tea glasses again.
me and my hubby had a lovely night out in Dalyan for a change was nice sitting and not knowing everyone lol.
We having a bbq tonight so that should be nice im working until 10pm but at least not too late so can enjoy that before doomsday begins lmao.
welllll i suppose i should go and do some work before i start work if that makes sense lol. Roll on winterrrrrr


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