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August 2nd 2007
Published: October 22nd 2017
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Mom: I will start off this theme blog. I think I am addicted to honey-roasted, sesame-coated peanuts. I like being able to go to market day and get an unbelievable array of fresh fruits, vegetables, cheeses, olives and whatnot. I read in a book that more Turks are shopping in the big markets, but, at least in this area, I don't see how that's possible. The food that you can get in the market is far different than the food that is available at the grocery. There is some overlap, but not a whole lot. I love all the different shades of blue from the sky and the water. The flowers and plants are gorgeous. One of the few things that I can think of that would significantly add to the experience of sitting on our porch watching the action of the water is a frozen drink machine with a cache of paper umbrellas next to it. Alcohol is neither plentiful or cheap here (largely due to the Muslim influence--pork is the same way). I like it that virtually everyone drinks tea and they always serve it with sugar cubes. I like the off-handed way that they will give a sugar cube to a little child and rub him on the cheek as he toddles by. I like that everyone seems to look out for any nearby children, regardless of who they belong to. I like that almost all of the women wear skimpy bathing suits and frankly don't care what anyone thinks.

That list is by no means exhaustive, but it's a blog, not a novel.

Josh: iChatting with Dad. Today we got to iChat with dad. While we were talking, I told him some things on my birthday list. While I was commenting on very cool gamebooks that would help me be a dungeon master, Dad pulled out the Deities and Demigods book that I thought looked good and I was going to ask for. He already had it from when he was a kid. Other things I like in Turkey: Babes in bikinis. There are millions, just go to the beach. The chicken in Turkey is very good. We had some one night and there was rosemary inside when mom baked it and it was so good! They have lots of treats like baklava, sutlac (kind of rice pudding) and this bread that kind of looks like a bagel but is kind of like a croissant. The water is very crystal and fun to swim in.

Alex: I like simit and I like it with nutella. I like the water and I like the food. I like manti and the kebap cheese steaks that mom makes and all the sights. I like the very fun new game that we learned.

Kate: I like the sea. I like the pool. I like the fresh bread and melons. (both are available at the local convenience store) I like going down to the market because it is interesting to the variety of foods. They even have animals at the market (although they look pretty sad). I like iChatting with dad. I'm glad that we have air conitioning here because it gets to around a hundred degrees most days. I like going to see the sights around Turkey, except for the double axe gate, that was not very interesting at all. I like having visitors. I hadn't seen Lucy since I was little. She is an awful lot like you (mom). I like it when Alex gets kissed on the cheek by elderly grandmothers.


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