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July 30th 2007
Published: October 22nd 2017
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One day we walked down to the pool. The pool is big and is shaped like the letter P. Alex and I were playing tag where we would jump in the water or walk around the rim of the water trying to get each other. It was my turn to try and evade Alex. It was about as easy as slipping on ice. One time I dove into the water. The cool water went around me and I felt pleasant and well. I was going along in the gracefulness and coolness of the water and then ubruptly pain shot up my nose. I had hit the other side of the wall--some concrete. It hurt. I came up to the surface. The pain was so harse it was hard to speak. Mom got me out of the water and I sat down my nose was bleeding and it was bruised. I still have a stripe on the bridge of my nose. Did I ever tell you how I feel about my nose? To find out how it feels to bonk your nose, re-read this story. It's kind of like one of those shirts that says "How to keep dumb people busy--read the other side of this shirt!" And it says that on both sides.

New subject, also Josh's: When Josh drives (written in the 3rd person, using the Royal We)

Every day we had the car we would wake up and, at about noon, Kate and Alex would tell mom, "We are going to go drive." Then they would tell Josh, "You drive!" The three wild beans would cruise around Bodrum picking up babes in bikinis and hunks in Speedos. At one point Josh said, "Let's all buy some lunch. Kate, you pay!" As they cruised around town they went to lots of pide restaurants, chugging root beers. One of the people who was hitchiking with them, Woodstock, quaffed three and went to sleep. It was a glorious day. Other people tried to pass them on the the narrow, winding road but they were faster. It's too bad that they ran out of gas and had to walk home. It's also too bad that they car is gone now.


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