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April 14th 2011
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Hi all

Yes, it's a 10 hour stay in Doha airport. Aargh! I'm heading now to find the quiet room, unroll my little sleeping bag inner and hope for some sleep.

Brussels was great but I really one-of-those-days yesterday. I literally had only that day to get my visa for Pakistan so I prepped my bag the night before, headed out for some sightseeing (more on that later), met up with the boys from the training course for dinner at one of the girls' places and crawled into bed pretty late for the early start I had planned. Btw I found a great Boschendal wine at the local supermarche for the dinner!! So, up early, first train, at the office 30 min early, go in, can't find passport, panic, run for train back to hotel, punch ticket, on train, meet conductor, ticket not punched, argument about ticket-punching, panic, asking for money, no money (back at the office!), kind lady paid for ticket, into hotel, can't find passport, must be in the only locked compartment of the bag, keys at office, take whole bag, back to train, run to office, find passport in first bag where it should be!! Passport to courier just in time!!! The day of course ended with me taking the wrong tram and going straight home rather than meeting up with the guys for another late dinner. Good thing though because I had some packing and reading to do. Also, I savoured the hot shower in a private bathroom with a real shower door. I then lay in my double bed, watching tv! Don't think I'll have that luxury for a few months!!

The rest of the day went well, with lots of chats to all the right people and I feel pretty well prepared for the next few months.

So, back to Brussels. Of course, I made my way quickly to Mannekin Pis (hmmm .... sums up my feelings about men and toilets which I promise to dedicate an entire blog to!) and the Grand Place (ie really old square). I'd had to walk through a pretty dodgy area from Gare du Midi but then suddenly happened upon the most amazing street filled with tourists and Belgian touristy things. It was like entering a different world. The best bit: the street smelled of CHOCOLATE. It was literally oozing out of every door, onto waffles, into mouths. I stood and sniffed. I was high on chocolate for about 2 hours after that!

I'll attach photos when I have my own computer on-line.

Thanks so much for the notes. I finally figured out how to read and accept them!!

I have no idea if I'll have internet access in Nepal, so it may be a few weeks before I write again.

Love to all

p.s. Rorie, so sorry to hear about your Gran. And sorry that I missed you guys in CT. Big hugs!!!
Kerry, missed the Northern Lights. Sadly, they don't often reach Oslo.


15th April 2011

Hi Niks. What a crazy experience (and nogal in a foreign language). Looking forward to the Nepal trip. Dad
20th April 2011

Hi Niks, know all about those days... it is often the small vexations in life that can be very trying! Take good care of yourself, we are thinking of you! love from us all - Bee

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