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Middle East » Oman » Muscat February 8th 2009

...da sind wir wieder... Diesmal mit einem kleinen Bericht zu unserem 2. Ausflug in den Oman. Ursprünglich hatten wir geplant mehrere Tage in den Oman zu fahren. Daraus wurde leider nichts, weil ich kurzfristig für den nächsten Tag ein Vorstellungsgespräch bekommen habe. Also wurde aus Plan A wie so oft im Leben Plan B und aus 3 Tage - ein Tag. Plan A: Wir hatten eigentlich geplant an der Küste entlag bis nach Muscat (= Hauptstadt) zu fahren, dort zu übernachten und uns am nächsten Tag Muscat anzusehen und dann ins Western Hajar Gebirge zu fahren und dort zu wandern... Plan B: Wir sind in Hatta über die Grenze gefahren und sind dann bis zur Küste und dann die Autobahn 01 Richtung Muscat an der Küste entlang gefahren. Leider führt die Straße nicht direkt an der ... read more

Middle East » Oman » Muscat January 15th 2009

Muscat - the capital The capital of Oman is named Muscat. I spent time there in the beginning of the trip, in the middle of the trip and in the end of the trip. But I left it to the last of my blog entries to actually write about it. Most of the time I was in Muscat I stayed in an area called Muttrah. It is in Muttrah you find the cheapest hotels and that was the primary reason for me to be there. But Muttrah is also a nice part of Muscat and it has a few attractions so it is also a good place to stay. Most people who come to Muttrah visit the souq, the local market. It is covered market, very clean and nice and it feels very old. It feels ... read more
Muttrah Fort
Dhow boat
Sultan Qaboos

Middle East » Oman » Muscat January 1st 2009

Happy New Year and all my Wishes to all of you. Let's hope 2009 will be as good as 2008! Welcome to 2009! What a better way to close 2008 than by a little dive trip. The challenge was not that easy this time...wanted a place where I could depart from Luxembourg between the 26th December and be back on the 2nd January. A place were I could dive, in a country I hadn't visited yet. My shortlist ended up with Djibouti, Cuba and Oman. Really want to see Cuba, but seems that at the only great reef, the boats are not equipped at all, and the food is very very...not there! For Djibouti, great place for whalesharks, but really not easy to reach. So here I am in Muscat, Oman. The last few days were ... read more
and two more cute little cuttle fishes....
one of these is my little home for few days....on the beach...
one of many....

Middle East » Oman » Muscat December 27th 2008

Oman revisited. On leaving Yemen I heard that a German UN worker and her parents had been kidnapped. The Locals seemed to think that they would not be harmed as they were just being used as leverage by the tribesmen against the government. I was quite pleased to be going away from all the smoke, it was beginning to affect my chest. Even at Sana'a airport I could not find a spot to avoid the smoke. Arriving in Oman at 11pm I had reserved a room in a hotel in Seeb a town about 40 kms from Muscat. It was slightly more expensive than I had been paying and therefore was disappointed to find that there was a nightclub underneath and although my room was 3 floors up the noise affected the whole hotel. I went ... read more

Middle East » Oman » Muscat November 18th 2008

The journey to get here has been a bit of a tour though, due to unexpectedly spending an extra night in Kuwait. Spending the extra night menat trying to juggle two flights to still make it here in time to fly to India. Fortunately the lady at Gulf Air was very understanding and threw up a few options. After being waitlisted for the connection from Bahrain to Muscat there was a glimmer of hope. Then someone blew out the candle and I ended up having to spend the night at Bahrain airport waiting for an early morning flight. All was not lost though as for the princely sum of 10BD (they didn't accept my medicare card as airline club lounge membership) I got to spend the five or so hours kicking back in the lounge at ... read more
All around town there were artists painting landscapes as part of Omani National Day Celebrations
They're doing their best to keep greenhouse emissions to a minimum in Oman
They've got castles here too, Portugese origin this time round.

Middle East » Oman » Muscat October 29th 2008

This past weekend I went to Muscat, Oman with a friend of mine from work, Katrina. We had a really great time and some fun adventures. The weekend started a little bit rough because Katrina lost her phone, we almost missed our flight, our hotel was surrounded by barbed wire and the room our travel agent booked smelled like gouda! When you travel, though, you have to roll with the punches. We decided to instead focus on the fact that I am pretty sure that I ran into a Sheikh at the airport, we got a free meal on our 45 minute flight, Muscat is surrounded by amazing mountains and clear blue water…and our hotel for the second night smelled lovely. ... read more
Mountains in Oman
The Sultan's Palace
Goods at the Souk

Middle East » Oman » Muscat September 21st 2008

往马斯喀特的路上 从寮国回来一个星期后,我又出发了。 7月31日是回教假期,接下来的8月1号则是星期五,所以在阿联酋一共有两天的假期。和同事在假期前一天,才决定要出发到阿曼。由於才有两天的假期,当然能去的就只有阿曼的首都,马斯开特(Muscat) 而已。阿曼也是我来了阿联酋将近一年之后前往的第一个中东国家。 这次的行程没什么来得及准备,只在出发前往Lonely Planet网站找了一些资料,然后就是看看去年在KL买的UAE & Oman Insight Guide而已。之后就和两位同事约定在31号早上6点半左右驾车出发了。 早上,我们沿着前往艾茵(Al Ain)的高速公路走,其实从阿联酋到阿曼的马斯喀特有两条路可以走,除了往艾茵的方向外,另一条就是往杜拜的方向。不过若从阿布... read more
At Buraimi
Hili Border
Hili Border

Middle East » Oman » Muscat September 18th 2008

18TH SEPTEMBER We spent a relaxing day swimming and catching up with a young Swiss couple, Alexia & Roman who had been on our Nile boat. We checked out around 6.30pm to go to the airport for our next adventure, 3 days in Muscat. We were taken to the airport by a driver and a transfer guide, we were met there by an airport escort who whisked us through the check-in at breakneck speed, passing the waiting crowds. We must have only taken 5 minutes to get through airport security, our bags checked in and the paperwork filled for customs, we were very impressed. Our airport escort (miracle man) said he had contacts and most certainly must have because when we arrived we thought we would have hours to check in. We both agreed we had ... read more
Mena House Cairo
Lunch at the Mena House
pool at Muscat hotel Al Waha

Middle East » Oman » Muscat August 20th 2008

Oman was an amazing break from India. It was clean, sunny, mosquito free... and did I mention clean? This country is the best kept secret of the middle east, hands down. The streets were lined with amazing white mansions, that belong to ordinary middle class families, and streets with beautiful new cars. Most of the men are in white traditional wear with a small cap, and the women in long black jackets and black scarves on their head. As soon as we stepped out of the airport the heat hit us. About 35*C at 11:00 at night. Nice. Our friend Salim picked us up and we stopped for some Turkish food! Dale developed a bit of an addiction to Mediterranean food while we were there! Salim has a great apartment about 5 minutes from the airport, ... read more
boy selling fish
The Grand Mosque from the inside
Sunset from the fort

Middle East » Oman » Muscat July 19th 2008

Dave’s week-end was such a catalogue of mishaps (to be polite) that I may as well go through them in chronological order…….. 1 - There is now irrefutable proof that the speed cameras in Oman work !!! Driving down from Sohar towards Muscat with the sexy Swedish number Dave spends all his time lavishing attention on, Dave triggered a camera at c. 160kmh (ahem !!) 2 - After the first dive on Friday the people on the boat were treated to a glorious surround sound experience of Dave emptying the contents of his stomach into the Arabian Sea - there was a significant swell and unfortunately baots appear not to be Dave’s strong point !! 3 - About 10 minutes later, possibly the most comical moment of all occurred when Dave was making another bee-line ... read more
Gentle loving attention

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