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May 26th 2009
Published: May 31st 2009
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Just a lazy day of shopping and blogging. Dinner however was color coordinated with our clothes.
DAY 42

There is nothing planned for us today. We decide to sleep in a little and to work on our blog. But it is Friday and most places / shops are closed in the morning. However we find that the silver shop is open and trek down the big hill to shop, we find some really fabulous things. Moonstone and onyx are locally mined in Jordan so we find some really nice things. Each item averages about 20 USD or less. We of course come out of there with a little bag of goodies.

We decide to have lunch at the 7 Wonders Pizzeria, the food is really good. Then we hire a taxi to take up back up the hill. It really is a steep and long hill! And it's our day off.

By the time we hit the internet cafe it is well after midday. But the computers are fast and we are only there for 2 hours. During that time, there appears to be a wedding taking place in the city. How do we know...well they drive around with the horns blaring for about 30 minutes. Very annoying but what really got us out of our seats was the gunfire right below our cafe window. We didn't see anyone with guns but it was a moment of “What the heck is happening”. But all settled down after that. We did confirm with others that it was actually gunfire for celebration as they get carried away with the excitement.

Dinner tonight was rather expensive at 11 JD (17 USD) but it was the local speciality of MANSAF
which includes the appetizers of meze and then a plate of rice, chicken or lamb with a hot yogurt sauce poured over it. Not a favorite of Angies's but edible, as she had the chicken. Francine enjoyed her meal of lamb.


31st May 2009

Finally caught up
Well it rained a lot here today at Erina, and I finally caught up to you girls. I love your running commentary. I would love to be with you. Take Care and keep up the good work. x

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