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February 27th 2016
Published: March 2nd 2016
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Our flight from Luxor to Cairo was delayed 2 hours, giving us time to work on blogs and people watch. The connection time in Cairo was a long one, so I was relaxed knowing that gazelle-like running was probably not going to be required. Everything went according to plan and we had nice flights into Amman. We were met at the airport by a representative from our tour company, Jordan Select Tours, wh... Read Full Entry

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Satisfied CookersSatisfied Cookers
Satisfied Cookers

Yes, I know cookers isn't a word, but it was fun and described our evening

3rd March 2016

Fond Memories
I loved Jordan and Petra was amazing. I did a lot of hiking that day, including up to the Monastery which was difficult! I loved reading about the cooking class - wish I could have thought to do that. Looks like a fun trip.
3rd March 2016

And the same of your Peru trip
Thank you for the nice message. I read your trip to Peru and enjoyed seeing things through your eyes. I do wish the trip to Colca Canyon had been better for you. Enjoy your trip to Iceland.
3rd March 2016

A way with words
"Alone I walked, the limpy gazelle without his protective anchovy swarm." You certainly can turn a phrase. Nice descriptions. Love the blog...eager to hear what happened next.
3rd March 2016

I enjoy painting a vivid word picture
My writing is similar to my speaking, so tends to be full of unusual phrases. I am looking forward to reading your take on the next few countries on your trip.
3rd March 2016

Just stunning
Brendan this is the stuff my travel dreams are made of. I've always been in awe of Petra, and your descriptions make me want to go sooner rather than later. We try to do a cooking class in every country we travel to, it's such a fun way to get to know new ingredients. The food looks great!
3rd March 2016

It really was stunning
Thank you very much Ren. Petra was more than I had imagined. I hope it bumps up your list. And yes, the cooking class is something I try to do as well. It is fun plus I always pick up a few ideas. Can't wait to read about your next trip.
3rd March 2016

I am enjoying traveling with you so much that I hope this never ends. I had a chuckle over the "anchovy swarm". They have the same type of persistent swarm here at the airport in manila. They are taxi hawkers trying to get you to take flat rate taxis st 5 times the price. As I'm usually the only white guy I get dozens of them hassling me while I'm in line for the metred cabs. Enjoy the rest of the trip and I'll give you a call when I get back home in late April.
3rd March 2016
The Treasury

Red rock magic!
How great that you saw 2 of the new Eight Wonders of the World on this trip. Like you, I've wanted to go to Petra forever--fabulous that it was even better than you imagined. I love that sense of emerging from the red rock and, through a sliver, seeing the Treasury--brilliant. Great too that you saw their their water pipes, drains and canals--we Californians could learn from them. While the donkey ride sounded a bit wobbly, the hokey carriage ride at the end of the day sounded fun. Glad you got to enjoy a cooking class and impressing the chef with your expert dicing--bon appetite!
4th March 2016
The Treasury

Very magical
Thanks Tara. It really was a special day. We talked about whether we felt we had seen and experienced enough in one day and agreed that we had. It was just what I had wanted.

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