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March 19th 2012
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19 March 18:02 local
Breakfast was delicious. My favorite things were a stuffed tomato and a piece of toast that was loaded with so much green spice (pesto?) I expected quite a kick - it was so light and delicious. After breakfast, i went to the bus stop (see previous post). Then, I made it back into Petra and got to see a lot of things I missed on the first day. I went into more tombs, found and walked along a Roman road, found a church with beautiful mosaics, revisited the Roman temple, and had tea with a Beoduin woman and her children. Going through customs, I met a German woman who sat behind me on the bus to Petra. We talked and she gave me a ride to the airport. Her name is Sigi. I am now at the Eilat airport. I am getting wifi bars, but it's a lie. In a bit, I fly to Tel Aviv and take a bus to Jerusalem. Final thoughts on Petra: it reminds me a lot of a mixture of Mesa Verde and Pompeii. But has the advantage of free roaming among the ruins. As a whole, I probably like Pompeii more for the company (I love you adventure partner) and familiarity of the site (79 AD is one of those dates you just know) I will publish all of these as soon as I can. Be home soon.


20th March 2012

It makes me so happy that you get to travel, see, try, taste! And even happier when you are able to have positive interactions with locals. Tea with the Beduine woman and her kids most be one of the highlights of the trip. You are missed and loved, adventure partner!
22nd March 2012

It reads like your having a wonderful experience
Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness ... Mark Twain Best of luck on the balance of your trip. Love Grandpa nad Grandma "D"

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