Photos from Jerash, North, Jordan, Middle East

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The Cardo Maximus, Jerash
The Cardo Maximus, Jerash
Ajloun Castle (3)
MJPics 063
Window to the roman ancient times
Ruins of Church
Reaching the end of the Cardio...last arch before the North Gate
Staircase & grand entrance leading to the Artemis Temple
beautiful carved stones
by the entrance of the stairs leading to the Artemis Temple
Nymphaeum - iconic fountain area of Jerash
Beautifully carved Nymphaeum
Sysmic proof collumns - you can actually make them move (scary...)
Ruins of the market area - Macellum
The main Roman road, the Cardo Maximus
Oval Plaza - an architectural jewel
Enjoying the sunshine
Great theatre
Music player at the great theatre
Side view of the Zeus temple
Overlooking the Oval Plaza & Cardo Maximus from the Zeus temple
Oval Plaza, stunningly well preserved
Entrance - Hadrian Arch
Entering Jerash
The Temple of Artemis
North Theatre
Stage entrance - North Theatre
North Theatre
Chatting on the steps of the North Theatre
Locals - short cut accross Jerash ancient city
Jordan Photos 087
Jerash's amphitheatre
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