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October 13th 2016
Published: June 11th 2017
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Remember in Monday's blog (All about Amman) I told you about the photographer who took photos of us during our tour of the Citadel? Well, he emailed us the photos today, and they are a hoot. He had us posing in pretty funny ways.

All these photos were taken at the Citadel in Amman. We all had scarves with us, so the photographer (Nidal) tied them around our heads in Bedouin fashion.

Some of the photos are pretty funny. No using them as blackmail in the future!

Additional photos below
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At the CitadelAt the Citadel
At the Citadel

Dominica, our guide Osama, Susan and me.
Lori, Dominica and SusanLori, Dominica and Susan
Lori, Dominica and Susan

In from of the Temple of Hercules. Where's the posing you say? Just wait!
In front of the Umayyad PalaceIn front of the Umayyad Palace
In front of the Umayyad Palace

Our guide Osama, Susan, Dominica, and I
Let the posing begin Let the posing begin
Let the posing begin

Susan in front of the remains of a the statue of Hercules - just hands and elbow remain.

You go girl!
Lori in front of hand and elbow of HerculesLori in front of hand and elbow of Hercules
Lori in front of hand and elbow of Hercules

Now you see what I mean about posing?
Posing all over the placePosing all over the place
Posing all over the place

At the Temple of Hercules
Dominica posingDominica posing
Dominica posing

At the Temple of Hercules

13th October 2016

Those are so fun. You guys are going to be glad you took that guy up on his offer!
13th October 2016

You're all looking good!
13th October 2016

You look like a gang....
13th October 2016

I'm surprised they didn't make Susan stay there for the tours...
13th October 2016

You guys are professional posers.....
13th October 2016

Never mind your posing, look how tall those columns are!
13th October 2016

Friends, Romans, countrymen....
13th October 2016

That's a good caption!Sent from my iPad
14th October 2016

Way to go girls!
14th October 2016

Lol! Cute
14th October 2016

So glad you are having such fun and very few hiccups travel and hotel wise along the way! Enjoy.
14th October 2016

Blending into the country it seems!
14th October 2016

Is that my beautiful daughter?
14th October 2016

And here is my lovely daughter-in-law!
14th October 2016

Hi Domenica, looking good!
14th October 2016

You guys will be starting a new fashion. A photographer with a humour. .

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