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March 12th 2020
Published: March 13th 2020
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Now that we can't go to Israel, we were all in panic mode trying to get flights home. Damien, Jacinta, & Natalie (Australian) were going to go to Greece, but found out they were shutting down sightseeing to the sites, so they booked a flight home.By lunch today all of us had booked flights home. I got messages from friends that Trump banned flights from Europe and my new flight goes through Frankfurt, so I was wondering what to do. Another friend said it was about European people not being let into U.S., not U.S. citizens. It's been stressful enough because I tried to rebook with United Airlines (according to their website I could rebook and they wouldn't charge rebooking fees), but I couldn't get through on the 800 phone line (which is the only way I can rebook). So I booked another flight (Amman, Jordan to Frankfurt to Chicago to San Diego). I'll sort it out when I get home.

Today we left beautiful Aqaba for the trip back to Amman. We took a different route than before so we got to see different scenery. We took the route that goes through the Jordan Valley and past the Dead Sea. We could wave at Israel. When we went to Mt. Nebo we heard the story that Moses was shown the promised Holy Land but was not allowed to go there. So we are also looking at the Holy Land and we are not allowed to go there.

We stopped at Al Numeira for lunch. GAdventures works with Planeterra to support projects around the world, and Planeterra works with this NGO. Planeterra is a non-profit organization committed to turning travel into impact by helping local communities earn an income from tourism.

We highly appreciate your support, Planeterra Foundation!

You helped us with kitchen reconstruction, tools and training. Additionally, you linked us to the travel company G Adventures so we can continue with our sustainable tourism activities. A big Thank You!

More about our partnership:
Al Numeira Environmental Association is a local non-governmental Organization based in South Ghor community, Dead Sea, Jordan, founded on 2012 by a group of local people trying to make a difference and managing with their local resources, reporting the Jordanian environmental Ministry.
Our activities are focusing on sustainable development through two processes : raising the environmental awareness of the local community and engaging local human resources in sustainable tourism activities.

Al Numeira Environmental Association (NEA)

Mission Statement: Al Numeira Environmental Association’s mission is to promote innovative water conservation methods and environmental education to build a more sustainable future and improve human well-being in the Jordan Valley.

The South Ghor is a region of Jordan located south of Amman and close to the Dead Sea. Jordan is one of the driest countries in the world, and water is a scarce resource, particularly in South Ghor where we receive approximately 75mm of rain per year. Due to mismanagement in all sectors and a continued rise in the population, scarcity has increased to an alarming level. Therefore, it is imperative that changes are made in the handling of water resources if we want to continue to inhabit the region.

Al Numeira Environmental Association hopes to alleviate this resource constraint for individuals in South Ghor through the use of greywater management, rain-water harvesting, and permaculture. Furthermore, we aim to educate the citizens of South Ghor on how they can implement these practices in their own lives, so as to create a more sustainable lifestyle for both themselves and their children. Since our formation, we have built a team of local volunteers and a network of international support eager to help in our cause.

Main Objectives of NEA

1. Nature Conservation: Our primary objective is to conserve natural resources, specifically water, through sustainable living.

2. Environmental Education: We aim to educate both local and international visitors about the positive impact of sustainable living on the environment, as well as the urgency of the water situation in the South Ghor region.

3. Intercultural Exchange: NEA acts as a multicultural meeting point, where international visitors can experience the local culture, while also sharing some of their own culture with the people of Ghor.

4. Sustainable Tourism: NEA offers an environmentally friendly alternative to the lavish tourist locations currently present in the Dead Sea region for example biking, hiking, woofing and home stays.

Ahlan w sahlan!

The chicken was cooked by a method called sajya, but I can't find any information on Google about it. Perhaps I have the wrong spelling. It was delicious.

Back on the road we stopped at a viewpoint to see the Dead Sea, and went by a Gorge where there is hiking. After we passed the Dead Sea we were in the sandstorm. The wind was blowing about 60 mph, and the visibility was terrible. When we got to Amman it started raining. Talal said people were told to leave work early because of the storm, and the traffic was miserable. It took us 2 hours longer than it should have to get to the hotel. The storm is supposed to get worse tomorrow so now I'm wondering about my flight.

We had our farewell dinner with Talal and Aws (I spelled his name wrong the first time - I thought it was Oust because that's the pronunciation). Our group is leaving for home. James & Susan (Boston) and Marion (west Canada) are first to leave tonight. Then tomorrow afternoon Peter & Wendy (Australia), then Steve, Lisa, & Josh (Australia) also in the afternoon. Then Alana (England) & me Friday evening. Then Damien, Jacinta, & Natalie (Australia) Saturday afternoon, and then Dominique (later Saturday).

It's sad saying goodbye to everyone but now I have more international friends. Talal has been very helpful to us, and he is very interesting. Apparently GAdventures is still running tours in Egypt, and that group comes to Jordan so he starts with another group next week.

Tomorrow is my last day. If the weather is okay we have a few places we want to visit.

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Numeira placeNumeira place
Numeira place

This is where they cook the food underground in big pots.
Sara turned to stoneSara turned to stone
Sara turned to stone

This is the location that Lot was told not to turn around and Sara did and was turned to stone (I think, I may have the story wrong),

14th March 2020

Prepare to be health inspected and quarantined for safety when you get home. Order and have food and other items delivered. Places are shutting down left and right including schools till end of month. Be safe mom

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