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April 26th 2018
Published: April 26th 2018
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Whelp...I made it! The flights and layovers were long but everything went smooth.

Had a 5 hour layover in Munich and the highlight there was the showers! Yup...showers! For 15 euro, you can use a dressing room/washroom/walk in shower. Equipped with towels, body wash and shampoo along with a blow dryer. And after a long 10 hour flight, this was heaven!

Also had the best pizza. Crazy I know, but it sounded good so I got it...ate the whole bloody thing...I am on holiday after all!

The flight from Munich was a short 3 1/2 hours and then it hit me...I am a foreigner in a foreign land! While there were some English signs here and there, there were not as many as I was hoping in the terminal. However, by following the crowd (and trying to look like I knew what I was doing) I found my way to immigration. And, just like every other country, it was all about queing up to wait your turn. When I finally made it to the agent, no problems and.have a nice visit.

My luggage was waiting and then it was all about getting a taxi. From the blogs I reviewed, it was recommended that I download the Gett app to get my taxi. So I did! It works just like Uber but it's a taxi. Boom!

I chose a boutique hotel for my stay in the big city and apparently it's a "hidden gem" tucked away in several back streets/alleys. Took my driver a couple of go arounds before we found it but found it we did. Let me tell you, these back alley streets are narrow and the driver made contact with several other side mirrors of parked cars...eeek! But, they were just love taps? No way my vehicle would have fit!

Checked in and now in my room. Going to take a quick nap (it's 6am!) then it's grab breakfast and head out to explore Jaffa!

Not the most exciting post but this is just the beginning!

Holy Cow...I'M IN ISREAL!

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27th April 2018

Looks like so much fun, I am so proud of you for doing this!! Love all the pictures, be safe and have an adventure of a lifetime, you deserve it!!
30th April 2018

I am having quite the adventure!

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