Of Romans, Texanians (Texans) and Latrines!

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July 3rd 2012
Published: July 7th 2012
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At about 9 AM on the 3rd of July we boarded a bus headed north. Most of us didn't know where we were headed, and seeing as we all woke up pretty early, we probably didn't care too much and we just wanted to sleep on the bus. Our destination? Caesarea, Israel. We started our journey by heading to a beach in Caesarea, where we first saw the Roman aquaducts led by our friendly tour guide Shimon. It was amazing to see so much history in one structure, but we'd be shocked to find out that wasn't all. We headed to the ruins of what used to be a port build by King Herod for his master, Augustus Caesar. There we were given presentations on how the area was being restored, how it used to look and etc. The view was breathtaking to saw the least, and it was just awe-inspiring to be able to see how so much was built without modern technology. Alas, we got to the outside of the area and we reached the hippodrome, where Roman Chariots used to race. True to form, they had a mock up of a chariot there, and Shimon jokingly asked "Any
Lisa on the ChariotLisa on the ChariotLisa on the Chariot

Thanks for being such a good sport Lisa :))
Texanians (Texans) Here?", to which the answer was obvious. 18 hands simultaneously point to our friend Lisa, who had a few times commented that her grandmother lived in Texas. Being a good sport, Lisa gets up on the chariot and lets some of us get a picture (I didn't get a chance to get one). Later, we found Latrines where Shimon got a few of us (Cameron, my roommate Dieter and I to sit on) where just chilled for a while and felt how it was to use the bathroom in the early ages. (There is a photo, credits to Rachel W.) After the hippodrome, we went to a half-ampitheater where they were interestingly enough, getting ready for a Guns and Roses concert (we would have to miss out on that though), and also being good sports, Yulan and Ryan (convinced by Shimon) went on stage and messed around singing their rendition of "Michael Row Your Boat Ashore". Leaving the half-ampitheatre, we went gift shopping for a bit and off to the bus again. Todah, Caesarea, thanks for treating us all so well.

Correction, I actually did get a picture of Lisa on the chariot. Heh

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Us on Latrines!Us on Latrines!
Us on Latrines!

Basically ancient day toilets! Photo Credit: Rachel Whittom

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