Gahar lake, the gem of the Oshtoran-Kooh mount

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August 15th 2014
Published: August 15th 2014
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Gahar lake, the gem of the Oshtoran-Kooh mount

The Gahar lake is situated at an altitude of 2,300 meters (7,545 feet). This natural lake is 30 meters in depth; 2500 meters in length; and 600 meters in width. It is fed by melting snows of the mountain. The region of Oshtaran-Kouh is a protected region of Lorestan Province. It covers an area of 55,000 hectares, and is engulfed by the cities of Doroud, Aligoudarz, and Ozna.

There is no motorway to the lakes and the best way to get there is climbing around 18 kilometers. It might be possible to hire pack-animals (usually donkeys)to assist with equipment & foods and etc. The one-way fee was around 12 euro for a donkey!

For us, it took around 5 hours of non-stop hiking to reach the lake. There are bathroom and tents and people stay at night without any problem. if you have your own camping equipment it’s better and don’t forget to take enough food. Water you don’t need.

Swimming, fishing, rowing boat, talking to mountaineers to share information and learning from them, making fire in moonlight and listening to traditional folk songs are some of the wonderful activities that you never get bored of them. However, I didn’t catch any fish but it was a nice practice to listen to the sounds of nature ;-)

The presence of plans and willow trees next to this lake has turned it into a natural park. The extraordinary beauty of this lake has turned it into a tourist attraction site. You will meet nice people there. I believe Lore people are very friendly and ready to help. So if you need any kind of help or information, just ask them without any hesitation.

The Oshtorankouh zone is a habitat of wildlife species such as ram, ewe, goat, leopard, wolf, boar, brown bear, hyena, fox, jackal and rabbit, and birds such as eagle, partridge and yellow partridge. It is home to aquatics such as turtle, frog and red-spotted trout.

and here is one of my favorite Lore songs

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17th September 2014

Thanks for sharing!
Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos. Cheers, Michelle
17th September 2014

welcome :)
You are most welcome Michelle, i am happy that you liked it :)

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