Kataleh Khour, the mount of sun

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July 25th 2014
Published: August 1st 2014
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Kataleh Khour, the mount of sun:

The Kataleh Khour cave formation dates back to the Jurassic period (about 120 million years ago) and it is first limestone cave in the world. The most beautiful natural phenomenon of the cave comprises spectacular stalagmites which can be seen around springs and lagoons at its bottom. Narrow galleries in different directions can be found inside vestibules whose area sometimes reaches over 200-300 square meters. Some of them are deadlocks and others have narrow passages to other vestibules. Due to penetration of water into lower layers of the cave and shallow lagoons, crystalline stalagmites have created very beautiful vistas. At present, the cave has been divided into cultural, recreational, and sports divisions. The sports division has an area of about 4 km and is simply used by cliffhangers and spelunkers although its total area has not been explored.

In terms of the quality of crystals, stalagmites, beauty, and the number of its levels, Kotala Khor cave is a well-known natural phenomenon. A unique feature of the cave is its huge lime columns which are the product of fusion of limestone stalactites and stalagmites. The columns act as natural props which prevent the cave’s ceiling from collapsing.

Despite four floors from this cave has been discovered and also from perspective of the longitude the much area of cave has been identified, but there are the undiscovered parts and routes in this cove yet.

People are very friendly and ready to help guests in this area. there is a small city, Garmab, near the cave ,maybe around 4-5 kilometer and it has a small hostel. in the cave complex also there are accommodations (2 beds&4 beds rooms), restaurants and shops.

p.s. i am not an specialist so didn't know how to label photos! but i really enjoyed visiting the Kataleh khor cave.

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