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July 23rd 2015
Published: November 10th 2017
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Wow a cool streamWow a cool streamWow a cool stream

Exposing a little too much leg(for islamic state) to paddle and cool off
Geo: 32.68, 51.68

Giving up on our Chinese visas yet again we head south, to theoretically calmer but hotter conditions. Camped out the first night and woke up to a flat tyre. Darren pulled a large lump of metal out of the tyre and plugged the hole and we were off and racing. Stopped enroute to visit a kashan which is an old traditional village that had been continuously occupied for 2500 years. Wow it is hard to get your head around exactly how old stuff is here.

The town was nondescript however once we found the Bazaar we were in for a treat, it was not full of the normal tourist crap found in the larger cities. It also had some very interesting pools of water under large overhead curved roofs that were very efficiently cooling the place down.

Camped up in the hills near Kashan overlooking the town and it was nice. Onwards to Esfahan where we arrived into the city centre near the main square.

Nothing too much to say about Esfahan it was nice and interesting, we stayed 2 days in a place south of the city that allowed us to camp. Hot shower, washing and locals to chat the time away with.

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Looking very localLooking very local
Looking very local

Seriously these people are so nice we wonder what the media is actually reporting
Granny on her DonkeyGranny on her Donkey
Granny on her Donkey

This one would give Oma a run for her money

These ancient silk road camel houses are everywhere through the desert where traders can shelter, rest their camels and get water overnight
Esfahan City SquareEsfahan City Square
Esfahan City Square

Amazing old city and one of the best mosques
Ouch Mickey T'sOuch Mickey T's
Ouch Mickey T's

We thought the tent was on a lean and awoke to flat tyre. The Mickey are good but were no match for this one.
More Nice PeopleMore Nice People
More Nice People

Esfahan old bridge, PS we waded across the river much to the amusement of locals
Cool DoodCool Dood
Cool Dood

Another Nice Iranian... the photos dont stop

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