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July 26th 2015
Published: November 10th 2017
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Geo: 29.0454, 56.9681

Humm… we set out from Shiraz (which was nondescript) and headed for a town called Rayen… apparently it is just like Bam except it did not get flattened in the 2003 earthquake…

I say apparently because we never got to see it. One of the issues that can happen with self drive overland is you just can't find the place you wanted to go… The signs start off in English then either change to Persian or just fade out altogether… The result is the same… opportunity missed… and it was only a 650Km diversion… lucky fuel is cheap.

Stayed at Kerman and it was a crazy place… crazy insomuch as the drivers were particularly aggressive. Really intimidating to say the least. Rather boring town with only a few things to see like the ancient Ice House… yep these Persians had figured out how to build a building that would keep ice as ice over the summer time… okay so that was cool, after that fat finger to you… off to Yazd we go. We were pretty sure the information sign explained the engineering marvel but better to use Google as we could not read the sign and settled for taking photos instead and discussing the possibilities of how it might work as we drove along.


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