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September 4th 2015
Published: September 9th 2015
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I have been listening to church bells since 2am so felt I might as well get out of bed. Unfortunately I forgot my glasses. Pardon any errors. So far this has been long walks followed by lots of nice afternoons with new friends. Not always the same new friends but we all crisscross daily. Afternoons are spent with some wine and appies. One gent named Ron said this is the longest pub crawl he has been on. This is his second Camino
The day's walks seem long and our bodies speak to us. In. Spite of this it is a simple pleasure with fantastic views and great people from around the world. Canadians and Americans out number the others. It is probably because we have nothing like this in North America. As we walk there are accommodation everywhere we go.
We are this evening in Zubiri which I couldn't find in the blog drop down. This is a small village with loads of Albergues. Yesterday afternoon we went down to the river and put our feet in. It was referring
Yesterday we stayed in Ronsee. I had pre poked Posada hotel We walked 16-17 mm over the mountain ,some spots very steep both up and down it was an extreme pleasure t be at this hotel and soak our very tired muscles. What scenery we saw was breath taking for the most part we were in a fog which was nice. I cannot think what the trip would have been in 30-40 degrees weather.
Today we are off to Pamplona to race with the Bulls,not.
I will try and attach a picture or two


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