Things I learn while travelling on Exchange in Europe

July 12th 2013
Published: December 28th 2017
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Things I learnt while on Exchange:
<ol class="ol1"><li class="li1">The art of identifying fellow Singaporeans on travels<li class="li1">If you can't board Ryanair flights first, board last, and enter through the front door. In most times, you get to sit in priority seats, if not front ones<li class="li1">Travel pillow works for any occasion<li class="li1">How not to study and get A, true story<li class="li1">There is just too many beautiful places in the world yet to be discovered<li class="li1">That if you grow too fat while on exchange, immigration officers may think twice of letting you into the country while staring hard at the skinnier version of you on the passport<li class="li1">UK weather sucks<li class="li1">How to take better photographs<li class="li1">Crazy people doing crazy things out there, things that they love doing. #YOLO<li class="li1">I still don't know what to do in the future, sadly lol<li class="li1">I am slowly getting there<li class="li1">The world is small. You may just bump into someone you know, even on Antarctica<li class="li1">That we are real lucky, to be born in Singapore, and having the opportunity to travel the world


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