February 13th 2012
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This weekend, like all of the others, was filled with exciting events! On Thursday, we all got dressed up and went to an Italian musical/opera/play type event. It was exactly what you would think an Italian opera would be like! We got our own private booth with fancy seats and the place itself was so elegant. I only understood about ten words in the play but it was still such a great experience! That was something I definitely wanted to do when I was here so I was so happy that I got to go to that! It was a bit of an amateur play, but it was still really good, I enjoyed it! After that, things got a bit...less elegant haha. We went out and about to Dempsey's to hang out with friends, then to lunabar to dance which is always so much funn! Erin came out with us which was really exciting because she doesn't go out all that much because her roommates don't go out a lot! My roommates on the other hand... haha they are crazy fools, but I wouldn't want it any other way!After lunabar Ernesto took Erin and I to Velvet which is like the legit dance club in Perugia and he got us in for freee! haha I love him he is great! Velvet was fun! I decided that Italian guys aren't as gross as American guys when it comes to dancing. I danced with one of the guys I met at tandem and it was a lot of fun! Not gross having-sex-on-the-dance-floor dancing, but it was more like twirling around and laughing kind of dancing. So much better I think 😊 So all in all, that was a really fun night!
Oh I almost forgot! At lunabar (where we always go to dance) I always request the song "I like it" by Enrique Inglesies because it is a great song to dance to so I went up to the DJ and before I could say anything he points to me and goes "I like it?" and all I could say was YESSSSSS!!!! I was so happy that he remembered haha it was one of the highlights of my night haha it was so funny!

So Friday was spent in Bologna and it was BLIZZARDING. The most snow that I have ever seen! I had to invest in fuzzy earmuffs and waterproof boots just to adjust to the weather! It was crazy! But Bologna is know for its amazing food, so naturally we had an amazing pasta dinner.

From there we went to Viareggio, which is the second home of Carnivale. We weren't there for long, but it was a lovely town. There were some decorations set up for the next days parade, but we didn't get to see the parade. The beach there was awesome though! It was cold, but the sand was the kind of sand that was so smooth with not a lot of rocks and shells. With my new boots I had a great time attempting to jump into the water (they are rubber boots) which made for an interesting time haha. Anyway, after the beach we walked around, had dinner, and headed to our hostel in Pisa for the night.

Pisa was a lot nicer then I expected it to be. I expected it to be just the tower, but it seemed like there was a lot more to see. We didn't have a lot of time there, but we rented bikes to get around which was a great way to see the town.

Overall this weekend was great! Seeing so many places and bonding with roommates...I loved it.

ps. Sorry this is kind of out of order with the Valentine's Day post, I forgot to post this one!


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