Paris- read here before you travel !!

November 27th 2011
Published: November 27th 2011EDIT THIS ENTRY

Had a wonderful weekend in Paris, but it was spoiled.

Every single day, we had to confront pickpockets.

On arrival, upon boarding the train, at Anthony station, I saw my mobile phone flying in the air! Someone tried to steal it from my pocket, and another person, behind me saw everything and chased the offender away.

I was approached by a teenager, showing me a ring- a Paris classic. I just shouted at him, go away, and he got frustrated!!

This happened about four times in four days!

Boarding a train, two men, one from the front and another one from the back of my wife started talking to her, trying to grab her bag. She shouted my name and they disappeared!

Going out of Notre Dame, we stopped at a zebra crossing. A woman in a parked car started to ask me silly questions in broken English. A man behind <span> me, advised me to ignore her as she is trying to make you approach her car, so she can grab and drive !!

This all happened last weekend, between the 17th and 20th November. The police are nowhere to be seen! The only police I ‘ve seen were near Arc de Triomphe.

My advice:

If you are reading a map, carrying luggages, holding a camera, dressed up elegantly, and heard speaking anything but French, you are an easy prey!!

Carry your belonging in a zipped pocket in front of your chest or a zipped, closed bag, hanging at the side, with your hands covering it at all times.

I have travelled to many places, but this amount of crime in just four days, is just too much!!!!

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