A short escape to Iceland

February 25th 2011
Published: February 21st 2011
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Our apartmentOur apartmentOur apartment

When my parents arrived we first went to the Blue lagoon and then moved in the apartment in downtown Reykjavik
In three days I will meet my parents and my brother in Reykjavik where we will bath in the Blue lagoon and walk on the mountains. They come back from a nice trip (USA and a family visit in Canada) while I have been working in Lagos...hmmm international family 😊

There I will try my new camera, Olympus stylus tough 8010 and see if it is as tough as described: P

After my arrival at Schiphol I had to wait much to long and I saw each shop and bar....
Then I flew to Iceland and the weather there was snow and windy. The Fly bus brought me directly to the Back Packers lodge in downtown Reykjavik in the middle of the shopping street of the main capital of Iceland (containing about 300.000 inhabitants 😊) After I moved in my room a short hike was scheduled among the harbour and city centre. The weather was to bad for some nice photos but I am sure they will follow.

At the lodge where several groups and interesting people and in the evening I joined a group of 4 girls from all over the world (South Africa, America and England) and we went to a good restaurant and after that to the B5 (one of the bars there) It was really good and interesting.

The next morning all activities where cancelled due to bad weather, so I put on my bad shoes and went for a walk towards the lighthouse of Reykjavik. Encountering snow blizzards, sun, rain and hail combined with firm wind blows made the surrounding very nice and alone 😊 After a hike of 4,5 hours I arrived back in the hostel wet and cold...So after changing i took my book, a hot chocolate with rum and enjoyed.

In the evening I joined a French couple and an American guy for dinner (lobster soup) and some drinks, the next morning I had to check out early to meet my parents in the Blue Lagoon.

The Blue Lagoon is a very nice place to spend a relaxing day in this rough country...the water was so warm and outside was snow.....cool, hot.

In the evening we relaxed in the apartment my brother arranged and i picked up my stuf from the Backpackers hostel. And we planned the Golden Circle tour, a bus trip to see the Geysers, volcano’s, waterfalls and amazing uses of geothermal energy.

In the evening we went back and after a nice dinner back to sleep.
The following day was a trip trough Reykjavik and to visit one of the Museum, it gave a clear view of how the people learned to survive this extreme conditions......the next day my parents planned to visit Vic, but I needed to do something active and planned a glacial walk and climb....I wanted to do caving and diving but there where no guides for that.....but Glaciers are COOL too 😊

The day after we flew early home.....home sweet home

Additional photos below
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The Golden waterfallThe Golden waterfall
The Golden waterfall

The largest waterfall in Iceland and when the sun shines on it (what we did not see due to the snow) it turns golden.
The North American Tectonic plateThe North American Tectonic plate
The North American Tectonic plate

The North American and European Tectonic plate move appart from eachother creating a crack from more than 140m deep in the earth.
Geizer 1Geizer 1
Geizer 1

Building up pressure
Gyzer 2Gyzer 2
Gyzer 2

Steam pushing up the waterbody above
Gyzer 3Gyzer 3
Gyzer 3

There she goes
Me and a smokey backgroundMe and a smokey background
Me and a smokey background

Harold van Oorschot infront of the Iclandic mini Geyzer
Ice climbingIce climbing
Ice climbing

yhea its wonderfull
The retreating edge of a glacierThe retreating edge of a glacier
The retreating edge of a glacier

In Iceland only one glacier is moving forward...tobad because everybody should have the opertunity to do this.

1st March 2011

Ik blijf het een skon muts vinden. Ziet er goed uit daar, moet daar echt een keer gaan kijken. Ik kom eerdaags een keer foto's kijken. Greetz Stimpy
13th March 2011
Ice Climbing and glacier hike

Very pretty, great day, but very cold!

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