In the Beginning

September 9th 2010
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" On the Road Again ", (are you humming along with Willie ?) We're headed this time for a little bit of Europe and a little bit of Asia and I hope you'll come along with us. This is the first of who knows how many and if you are waging war with your Inbox and want to be taken off the distribution list just let me know in a comment and 'poof' you'll be gone. Of course you can always check in and what's happening anytime by just going to the web page itself. The address is . Besides photos that I include in this blog I hope to be able to upload many more to be accessible through the web. The address should be . Not totally familiar with the Picasa program but hopefully I'll be able to make it work for you.

So with that little bit of house-keeping out of the way we are on our way. An ancient Chinese philosipher once said " A journey of a 1000 miles starts with one step " He forgot to say that that first step maybe sometimes has to be taken at 4:30 AM. Thanks to our friend Bobsy for providing our taxi service. So we took that first step and here we are about 7000 miles later on the European side of Istanbul. It was the 6:15 Quick shuttle bus from the Campbell River store in South Surrey to Seatac for our 12:45 flight to Amsterdam where we had a quick connection for a KLM flight to Istanbul. Well, the adventure began before we even left Seattle with our flight leaving an hour late giving us about 30 minutes to connect in Amsterdam. Thanks to those constant Eastbound jet streams Delta Air Lines got us to Amsterdam with time to spare. We were even able to watch luggage being loaded aboard our plane. In fact we even saw what looked like our bags going up the ramp. It seemed that despite our delayed departure all was going to end well.

You are already probably guessing how this turned out. After clearing Customs in Turkey we went to the baggage carousel were a nice young man from KLM told us to not bother waiting for our luggage and directed us to the Lost Luggage office. So here I am, Thursday morning sitting in the hotel lobby waiting for the delivery of our luggage. Hopefully !!

We are here for a couple days before flying South to the Mediteranean and two weeks in the villa. Before that happens I hope to be able to fix the font display on the small notebook I am using. I do better at writing when I can see it. And the keyboard seems tiny but just something to get used to. But this is just me whining. And this is a quick first entry to check the distribution list and make any additions and deletions.


9th September 2010

Lost Luggage
I hope you got your luggage,, and keep me on your mailing list.. love reading your blogs..
9th September 2010

No bull in Istanbul?
Thanks for the update on the luggage! Okay....thanks for including me in your Istanbul adventures. Hope you eventually (pre-mediterranean departure) get your luggage. Looking forward to finding out how this latest trip unfolds. Cheers Kane. Sample a brew or two for me.
9th September 2010

that is always my biggest fear, the LOST LUGGAGE. I'm sure it will show up in the nick of time. have a great time! I will be living your trip through your blog
11th September 2010

Lost Luggage
Hey there, Uncle Kane! Sounds all very typical to me. Lost luggage. *sigh*. Well at least you didn't have to wait around forever to discover that your luggage was missing. Plus, you might have taken that as an excuse to go shopping!!!! Although, I hear the markets are mostly closed due to the end of Ramadan. Well, I hope you are all having a wonderful time! I can't wait to hear more about your trip...and see pictures!!! Take care!!! -Jacquelyn
14th September 2010

Please say hi to Annie for me
Hi Kane: Annie Zajac left your blog address with us before her departure and i googled it tonight and lo and behold...i think i've got the right travel group. Please say "hi" to annie for me and i do hope that your luggage has been delivered to you. I will check your blog in a couple of days to find out the end result of that effort . It's the first time i've followed a blog so i'll look forward to your updates. Regards, Jane
15th September 2010

Please say Hi to Annie
I will say Hi and pass on your commentsto Annie. Luggage arrived next day at noon. Kane

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