E.A.T: Prologue

April 1st 2010
Published: April 23rd 2010
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E.A.T. ?

You might be wondering what this puzzling, food-thought-inspiring anagram means. Though I will be elaborating on delicious dishes and placating plates of foreign food, that is by no means ALL that I have to tell you about.

E.A.T., or "Epic April Trip", is the story of the last 3 weeks of my life, spent between northern Italy, Spain, and Portugal. During my spring break respite from French university life, I went on a quest to visit some of the most beautiful places on Earth, and some incredible times were had with friends both old and new.

This story will be broken in four entries, as my experience of trip was of four very distinct parts. So why not begin now with Part I? Ok, if you insist!

*note: if you are on "Italian time" wait 15 minutes to proceed to the next entry. If you are on "Spanish time", wait 3 hours.


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