'...in fair Verona where we lay our scene...'

September 14th 2009
Published: September 14th 2009
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Juliet's BalconyJuliet's BalconyJuliet's Balcony

Not of course her real house because she's a fictional character but they've decided this house is a nice fantasy place to house her. The balcony itself is thought to be an antique sarcophagus.
Shakeaspears words couldn't have been more accurate if he'd tried. I went to Verona with no expectations and I completely fell in love. The whole center of the town is full of beautiful hidden streets (sometimes cobbled!) and old buildings often painted in bright but fading colours. There are a number of churches to explore which have beautiful paintings and sculptures. (Although after a while they all start to look the same.) Basilica Di S. Zeno was especially beautiful. I bought a Verona Pass which for only 15 euro allowed me entry into heaps of museums and churches and free use of the buses for 3 days. (Although its very easy to walk everywhere which I generally did.)

I seem to be finding music wherever I go here. Whilst admiring a church there was an organist playing (It makes you feel like you're in a movie or something), the next day there was a band doing a sound check in the Theatro Romano arena (they were really good!) but my favourite part was outside the arena.

The Verona arena is not only an ancient ruin, it's also where operas are performed during the summer season. On my first day I wandered down to see it lit up only to discover an opera called Notre Dam de Paris was beginning inside. So I sat on a bench outside the arena, next to a fountain and opposite all the busy cafe's and listened (along with lots of other people). It was a perfect moment (and would have been quite romantic if I was with someone other than the older woman I'd wandered into town with. Hehe). Now I'm not the biggest opera fan but the music was so strong and rousing and beautiful that I couldn't resist buying the cheapest ticket available for the following night's show. I figured I wan't likely to get another chance to see an opera in an ancient arena.

The show was visually stunning, with some awesome dancing and very clever choreography. The singers were really strong and Esmerelda seemed to have a lot more people in love with her than I remembered. Other than that I didn't understand a word of it! I knew that would be the case though and I still thoroughly enjoyed it and am haunted by one of the songs.

Overall I spent two and a half days in Verona but I'm considering learning Italian and finding some excuse to move there for a bit. Definitely the most beautiful place I've ever been. I will be back.

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Skeletal SexSkeletal Sex
Skeletal Sex

One of the modern artworks in Juliets House

14th September 2009

Fair Verona
We never made it to Verona but you have made me want to see it. There is a wonderful feeling of history in places like that, isn't there? They transport you into the past so you can picture life at the time, although cobbles are a bit hard on the feet. Lucky you to find so much music around you. Glad you enjoyed it, especially the opera! What a marvellous place to see it. I'd love to perform there!
15th September 2009

Fair Verona - cobbled
Cobbles are hard on the feet, though lovely to look at. We didn't see Verona but it sounds wonderful. Not sure about that balcony - I wouldn't want to be standing underneath it - it looks VERY heavy! The music everywhere was one of the things we liked about Europe, too. Glad you enjoyed the opera - and what a wonderful venue for it! I'd love to perform in there.
15th September 2009

Verona surprised me too!
Share the same sentiment with you. Verona was such a pleasant surprise. Didn't expect to see an entire Roman amphitheatre there for one. And i love the cafe scene. Did you queue up to touch Juliet's er......y'know? Anyway, thanks for sharing. Those photos look great, far better than the ones I took!
16th September 2009

Thanks for the comment! No I didn't touch Juliet's 'you know' because I had no one to take the photo for me and to be honest I thought it was a little tacky. Funny though.

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