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August 24th 2009
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so... i'm in croatia and it is probably the most amazing place on the planet. the past few days have been pure bliss and i wish didn't ever have to end... it's the most perfect way to end my trip before i'm off to volunteer in spain.

my days in budapest were cool as well, i spent a day at the baths with the dudes i met in prague, and the baths are amazing... loads and loads of different pools with different temperatures, some like hot tubs and some like icicles, and u can jump from bath to bath and there's ridiculous saunas and u are surrounded by this ancient old building and u can totally imagine the romans bathing like this back in the day... they also have a little restaurant that has beer and ice cream, so u can take beer breaks between bathing. it's not really bathing, more like swimming... and some pools have special jet things that massage u, and then there is an entire pool that goes round and round like a whirpool so everyone is just zipping around with these goofy smiles on their faces... that was my favorite one. if i had a camera i would have taken a video, but i think u can youtube if u are interested in seeing the true awesomeness.

the next day in budapest was probably the worst day of my life, it just seemed like nothing was working for me and i had soooo much to figure out... not having a wallet/cards/anything provides a lot of new stresses, and for a good couple hours i actually wanted to sit and cry... fortunately, i did not sit and cry and i managed to figure everything out, book myself on a train to croatia the next day and i switched hostels cuz my ghetto one was terrible... and once i had checked in to said new hostel, i felt a million bazillion times better and proceeded to drink beer with some guys at the hostel... and all was good again.

so the next day i go to catch my 16 hour train to croatia which i was dreading, because the last train i had taken was the longest, hottest, sweatiest ride of my entire existance... luckily, on that train after a few hours a man took pity on me and moved me to first class where it was air conditioned... so that was nice. but when i went to catch this train i was pleasantly surprised... my seat was in a little cabin, so three seats facing three other seats, with a little door, and there was an awesome english boy sitting across from me so we literally talked for six hours straight before we had to change trains in zagreb... we got off, had dinner, then he had booked a bed so he went off to the sleeper cart and magically, i got an entire cabin all to myself, so i spread out across all the seats and had a glorious sleep.. the only weird part was when the ticket checker came in and flipped on the lights yelling "no sleeping! no sleeping! bandito! bandito!" and i guess lots of theives take that route so he was warning me... luckily (?) i have absolutely nothing to be stolen, but i still slept with my money in an empty cigarette pack in my pocket which was zipped just to be safe.

so i arrived in split, croatia at around 8am... i had booked this hostel that had amazing amazing reviews on the internet, it's about 10k out of the city but it sounded so amazing... and amazing it is. ridiculously amazing... it's this massive house that this family owns and have converted into a hostel, the entire family lives/works here and the grandma makes up massive breakfasts every morning, including some of the best baking i have ever experienced, the place is right on the water so all everyone does all day is swim and tan and swim and tan... everywhere u look is so beautiful, and everyone here becomes instant friends since everyone is around all day together... we have a massive balcony overlooking the water on our room, and i have met some of the greatest girls ever... this is the first summer this hostel has been open and i feel sooo lucky to be here because i know people will go mental over this place and it will be busy from now until forever. it takes under twenty seconds for my to get from my bed and into the sea, it's the greatest way to wake up EVER. i've also become quite fond of nighttime swims... we went out to this club on the beach the other night and had a beautiful moonlit 3am swim... it's as glorious as it sounds.

i met two of the most hilarious, awesome irish girls, and two other equally amazing english girls... the five of us have been having more fun that should probably be allowed, and i am sooo sad it's coming to an end... the irish girls and i are headed to dubrovnik today, so soon this paradise will just be a memory... but not until i have at least two more swims. yesterday we had a little day trip to an island called hvar, it was beautiful as well, a little busy and overpriced but beautiful... the thing i love the most is the red tiled roofed houses everywhere, they are my favorite and are a constant reminder that i am so far from home... we went rafting the other day as well, i had never been and it was wicked. the bus ride there was the scariest part, hairpin corner after hairpin cornever and practically reversing over the edge... crazy croatians. it was cool tho, and it was nice to pretend to do some exercise. 😉

so dubrovik today, then i fly to madrid on the 26th... i am so sad to be leaving here, our little fivesome has been so amazing. these girls are exactly on the same page as me, and are down for any crazy idea, and we have laughed so much... in fact i need to go hang out with them right now before it's go time. more later.xo


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