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August 3rd 2007
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Half asleep at  KewHalf asleep at  KewHalf asleep at Kew

Kelsey and I doing our best to keep our eyes open
So we arrive in London to be "almost sent home" (says the immigration worker on a power trip). This is of course the first person we meet when we step off the plane. Kelsey has got no sleep on the plane and very little the night before, I am just as bad having had 4 broken hours of sleep in about 36hrs. Despite our brand name Canadian clothing and porcelin skin the customs officer decides that we could be terrorists because we dont know the address of the place we are staying or the last name of the person we are staying with. She comments on exactly how "clever" she thinks we are for "comming to London in the middle of August with no place to stay". She continues to lecture us, then drills us on what we do and how we have been able to afford this trip. She finally allows us to pass telling us that we had better know where we are staying when we get to Paris because they wont be as nice as she has been.

Our first day was spent getting to know exactly how complicated the tube system is for a newcommer and
Half asleep at  KewHalf asleep at  KewHalf asleep at Kew

So tiared we may just be hallucinating
wandering around Kew gardens. After all this we are so tiared we can litterally not hold our own heads up and the hole ride home was spent being gerked awake every time we fell asleep and our heads would drop. We slept from 8pm right through till 12 the next day. Then it was off to the market where we had far more pleasent experiences. HELLO SHOPPING


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