October 14th 2004
Published: October 14th 2004
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Just a few notes.It was interesting to see quite a few Shell and Esso gas stations in Europe and Great Britain. A few Texaco ones as well. Cadbury chocolate bars everywhere but didn't buy one. We bought some food in the Bern, Switzerland train station at the grocery store {only one I remember that had a grocery store} and of course we included a Swiss milk chocolate bar in our purchases. We had heard that Belgian chocolate was good so we also bought a bar when we got there but I liked the Swiss one I had bought much better.
But I thought I'd died and gone to heaven when we had a Belgian waffle topped with strawberies and real whipped cream for lunch.
The scenery as we rode through Switzerland and Austria was absolutly beautiful. Other countries that I recall having nice scenery were Sweden, Norway, parts of Germany and Scotland.
We headed south west of Dublin to Tralee and I was not too impressed with the countryside. I got talking to a fellow who had always lived there and he said the nicer part of the country was on the east side of the country.
On the train from Barcelona to Madrid we noticed the train got up to 200 km/hr.
On the train from Paris to Brussels I asked what speed we were going and was told 300.
Our hostel in Barcelona was very close to Las Ramblas {spelling?} which I understand is an important street there. After getting back from the beach it was getting dark so we did not walk down it but we were right at the corner when we exited the metro station.
Many cities had streets that were just pedresterian streets. It was really neat.


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