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February 27th 2007
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There are only 18, or 17 I forget, more sleeps here in Cortona. It is a bitter sweet feeling because Italy has become our home and time is flying by. Pompei was interesting and awesome and since then I have just bummed around Cortona mostly. I will post some pics of the amazing 6 hour hike into the hill next to ours I took. I hope to hike it again, along with the one on the other side, before we leave. I miss home too, but this place is so real sometimes that I feel it is also my home.

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Forum in PompeiForum in Pompei
Forum in Pompei

Can't remember the formal name, but here is the gladitorial games place....they built these in every Roman city, using the Colosseum as a model
Temple of ApolloTemple of Apollo
Temple of Apollo

When the Romans came in they built high walls around this existing temple and all their main stuff in the Forum
Typical streetTypical street
Typical street

This place is so famous because the volcano covered and preserved so much! It is alittle creepy sometimes...but cool to see a typical Roman city.
Someone's fancy garden in their fancy villaSomeone's fancy garden in their fancy villa
Someone's fancy garden in their fancy villa

Sure did know how to pamper themselves back then (yes I know the tree is new but it is still cool)
Stayed in SorrentoStayed in Sorrento
Stayed in Sorrento

While visiting in Pompei...Here is a view right beside our hotel in Sorrento. Wait, that is our hotel...ironically called "Hotel Oriente" but due to their current renovations it feels more like the Labyrinth....more than a few of us got lost trying to find our rooms a couple of times.
I love the beachI love the beach
I love the beach

Sat on those Volcanic rocks a couple of times.
more cool beach viewsmore cool beach views
more cool beach views

view from the rocks
one of my favorite Cortona look out spotsone of my favorite Cortona look out spots
one of my favorite Cortona look out spots

the sun is rising and I am waking up (instead of going to sleep hee hee)...going for a hike. I love the fog.
There is Cortona in the hillsThere is Cortona in the hills
There is Cortona in the hills

The hills are windy so when you hike a long way it looks like you haven't gone very far...that little tower is in Cortona. Lots of beautiful farmland around with olive trees, grapes, grains, and sheep!
My breakfast stopMy breakfast stop
My breakfast stop

all you need is some fruit and a place to lean
coming homecoming home
coming home

after a long days hike here is the view from very near where I will walk down to get back to Cortona. This is the view facing the opposite direction we are used to

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