November 1 in Lyon - French photos this time

November 1st 2019
Published: November 1st 2019
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Lyon's Cathedral Lyon's Cathedral Lyon's Cathedral

How Mad King Ludwig would probably have designed a cathedral.
Right on the edge of the old town here. Enchanting cobblestone streets and hundreds of restaurants - and that's just in our section of the city. Also some remarkably ugly monumental architecture. Right above us, the 19th century Fourviere cathedral looms over the city as a dire reminder of what happens when you can't decide between Classical, Gothic or Romanesque styles and so use all of them at once. (Wait until you see the glowering monstrosity that houses the Court of Appeal. It looks like they had a few dozen columns hanging around with nothing to do, so shoved them all up under the portico!)

We gaze across the Saone River from our peaceful flat. Well, peaceful now - 630 p.m. - less so around midnight to 2? 3? last night. Seems that French young people - well, young-er - have taken on the whole Halloween party thing quite seriously. The streets were thronged with folks in costume. The kids looked cute; the adults, a little desperate for a good time. It was only after we went to bed that the volume of shouting and bottle clanking really grew loud. Not just from the street but also in the courtyard that our bedroom overlooks. Guess somebody was having a party.

How dare these people have a life while I am trying to sleep. Crawled out of bed at 930 a.m.! Can't complain too much.

More pics 'cuz I slept in so much and I'm too lazy to write more now!

Additional photos below
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Fourth century baptistery font under threatFourth century baptistery font under threat
Fourth century baptistery font under threat

This font is located on the same site as that of the first recorded Christian church outside Rome. The original church went up around 150 AD. Somebody hates it and the font so much that the historical plaque commemorating the place has been scratched to illegibility and you can see what they've done to the protective surround.
Her again!?Her again!?
Her again!?

I swear this woman followed me from Zurich!
Across the SaoneAcross the Saone
Across the Saone

Our view - not bad, eh?

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