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June 9th 2012
Published: June 10th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

After my big backpacking trip in 2010, I felt rather deflated and depressed at having to come back home to the UK. Miserable weather and all. Understatement of the century!!! You know that feeling when you come back to work after maybe a week or two away. Well, imagine you went around the world for just 6 months and multiply that by a million. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating...or maybe not. Sure its nice to catch up with friends and wow, all the stories you can tell them. You feel like, for once, you've got something more interesting to talk about than that new piece of furniture you bought.

Still, that novelty fades fast. All you really feel is that sinking depression of a love once lost. This traveling thing is now your ex. The one that got away. Impossibly exciting, beautiful and completely unattainable yet you pursue it anyway knowing you heart will be broken. Yes that was what long term 'traveling' has done to me. Pinning for a lost lover.

Reality bit me in the behind and I knew with my dwindling bank balance, a full time job was needed. The problem is this.....25 days annual leave? How on earth do you do it?

I realised that when you work 75% of the time, ANY, and I mean ANY time off is better than nothing. So whilst I'm not 'on the road' as such (and I'm shedding a tear for my former 'glory days'😉....I can still travel and write about it.

The only difference now is that it will be more 'flashpacking', swapping the hostals for hotels and backpack for a 4 wheeled suitcase. Oh, and this time, I'm not traveling alone - I managed to somehow end up with a gorgeous Catalan (bilingual) boyfriend who loves traveling as much as me. Yay me. If I could high five myself I would.

Well okay, the experience/blog will be different and I'm definately not swapping anything with anyone other than my boyfriend.

But never stop doing something you love..(the blogging I mean, not the boyfriend) Well, don't stop doing that either.


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