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March 16th 2020
Published: March 16th 2020
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So this is the last posting as i am very happy to say with a little luck and a lot of praying we did manage to get back to the UK - well Warwick and I as Alain has stayed on to keep exploring.

We got to J'burg relatively easily and then spent 7.5 hours in the airport waiting. During this time it was announced that the South African President would go on TV and announce a travel ban. Initially it was to be 5pm, then 6pm and eventually 7:45pm. Our flight left at 8:50pm so we were a little nervous they might do something crazy like a flat immediate ban as other African countries had but thankfully he announced they would close on Monday leaving us enough time to get out before the panic set in.

Our South African Airlines flight left on time and could well be one of their last as it was going into bankruptcy before the Corona virus issues started and it will likely not survive or require a massive government bail out to continue.

I'm very grateful to be home (even if the Corona virus hysteria is very much here too). Spare a thought for others who will want to leave soon. At the moment it looks like Alain should be able to return home but it would be fair to expect a slow and delayed trip back when he does decide to come home.

Signing off.


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