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September 7th 2008
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This is the only picture I have of my siblings on my computer, but I figured I should show everybody the reason for this post. He used to be cute, we don't know what happened...
This is my paragraph to explain that I am not a very good blogger. I do not like sitting in front of my computer typing out my travels. While I know many of you are waiting patiently, I can only offer you an apology. Since France and Italy I have made my way through Ireland travelling from Dublin to the Aran Islands (off the west coast). I have also made my way North to Scotland. There I fished for Nessie, took a tour of the Brodie Castle (yes, we have a castle, so yes that means I’m important), and visited Joshua in Edinburgh. Since then I've been mingling with students from Bangor and started my idea of classes for the semester. Everybody else thinks they're a joke, and I might agree to a point (psychology of happiness is all about being happy and telling jokes). Now I am packing for my trip to London where I will visit Stonehenge and Bath. I will also get to see some great friends, and have some great times. So please keep being patient with me I will start blogging again when I have a free day with rubbish weather. Daniel, I hope this makes you happy, you're the only reason I'm writing. Everybody have a great day/weekend I will be back shortly (our terms of shortly may be different, please keep this in mind).

p.s. if anybody has skype please add me. I might blame my non blogging due to the efficiency of sitting and having a face to face conversation. Much easier to describe my travels, and i would be more than happy to set up times to talk to everybody. Until then... cheers!
(skype name: kristin.brodie)


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