Sheep and Lava Bread and Clive

Published: June 16th 2010
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Well then Mr Fulcher. You suggested it, you wanted it and here it is....a travelblog to keep you up to date with all the action in the valleys.

Not quite the start we were expecting in South America but Wales is better than work (just).
Spent a couple days near a village called Clive which was a strange coincidence.

We passed through a place called Pant yesterday and laughed loud and long at "Pant Accident Repairs"

Went for a few beers today and found that the average village has a large number of pubs and a fair amount of middle aged men and women on all dayers. Now this may be influenced by the fact the world cup and Ascot are on this week but nevertheless we were pleased to find the hard drinking Wales we have been looking for.

Made the mistake of thinking a cycle to the pub would be good for us. 2 mile freewheel downhill there followed by a 2 mile uphill slog all the way back. Not doing that again in a hurry.

Glad to have internet access to finally get started on our visas. Need to get moving else Wales could be as far as we get!


16th June 2010

A village called Clive and Pant accident repairs, sounds like heaven :) How's the towing going and has that wiper stayed attached to the Volvo ? Your Scoob has been out once so far and I very much enjoyed it, however it's now down the bottom of the garden. 3 Scoobs make very nice garden features IMO :) I didn't make Shakespeare so no new records, roll on TOTB.

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