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Published: June 17th 2010
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On the way to the coast this morning we were pleased to see that someone has enhanced the sign for the village of Star..... by adding stars. Simple but effective!

Parking fees have a little way to go to catch up with London. If 30p for 2 hours seems cheap you may wish to know that it is 30p more than we have been charged in any other public car park.

Who would have thought that even though we are miles from Clive there is a Clive Road? Maybe it is a common road and place name in Wales.

Best thing we saw today was this microwave at the far end of someones drive. In England this would mean that you were finished with it and wanted someone to take it away. We thought this was the case in Wales. But later we were enlightened by an Englishman in a local pub who has lived here for some years.
He said that if we had looked closer we would have discovered an extension lead powering the device.
He went on to explain that despite the fact that the microwave has been commonplace in the English home for over thirty years the welsh still consider it the devils work and will not have it on their land for fear it will make their sheep infertile. This will continue until the druids declare it safe. Fairplay.

Oh, just to clarify for those in any doubt that Pembrokeshire Fish Week will be a seriously fishy's official, the tagline says so.

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