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May 13th 2012
Published: June 15th 2012
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Happy Birthday Baby Girl! Although she's not a baby anymore!

As with her big brother, we marked this milestone with an informal ceremony in the garden, and as two years before, we were blessed with a window of good weather in among a long week of dull, drizzly days. So we hosted the ceremony in the garden, homemade bunting (made from G's old babyclothes) flapping in the breeze above the 'sityooterie', or 'pergola' for those south of the border.

Nana opened the proceedings with a prayer, then Mummy and Daddy said a few words about G & J. Before we took our vows, AuntyR read a poem, Little Fellow, (amended to 'she'😉 to remind us of some of our parental responsibilities. We then made a series of promises to G, including to nurture, cherish, support her and love her unconditionally.

And since we are a family of four now, we asked J to make a few promises too. He seemed a little reluctant at first, and so all the children helped him by shouting out 'YES!' as we solemnly asked him to be a good big brother, to try to be kind to G and to play nicely.

Mummy's good friends, AuntyA & UncleE, kindly agreed to act as godparents, promising friendship, guidance, encouragement and support, and then UncleRags put down his camera to read Ode on the Whole Duty of Parents.

As with J, we planted a tree to commemorate the occasion, a plum tree this time, we would have liked it to be a peach, but we live in Scotland, so let's be realistic!

Nanny gave a lovely toast and we all drank bellinis - champagne with peach schnapps, very moreish! Then food, food, glorious food, much of it prepared by the wonderfully capable and unflappable Nana, thank you so much for taking charge in the kitchen!

Cousins B&R had made a fab peach coloured birthday cake for G, covered in giant white buttons. And we also celebrated my upcoming birthday with AuntyWisa's fabulous Nigella chocolate cake, wow, how good is that cake! I think we counted 32 people in our lounge at one point, which could be a record, although a few of them disappeared when they realised the pass the parcel contained forfeits for the adults!

I'd love to report that G had a wonderful day and loved every minute, but sadly she was a little overwhelmed by the whole affair and spent much of it in tears, poor thing. Ah well, it's her party.

Whether you're religious or not, spritual or not, there's definitely something wonderful about good friends and family coming together to celebrate an occasion, all those good vibes were definitely felt and appreciated. So thank you everyone who was able to join us on the day, and to everyone that sent cards, presents and good wishes, for making G's first birthday a day to cherish.

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