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October 6th 2010
Published: May 2nd 2013
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A day of travel is never uneventful and this was true for me as well 😊 My flight from Denver to London was great I got a middle row seat in the front of the economy section so I had extra leg room! The steward was really friendly and thanks to the eventful week I was super tired and slept pretty much the whole time! Landed in Heathrow 5 min ahead of time, Great! The lady that helped me at customs was a little scary. I was questioned much more than I ever have been before, it was a little intimidating but I made it through! Picked up my bag and then wondered around slightly lost for a while. After asking a few people how to get to the next terminal I made my way to the train. When I get down there we are told we have to wait. About 20 min later they tell us we have to find another way because they were evacuating the trains due to a fire! Ok… next I’m told I need to go upstairs and take a bus. I make my way back up and am then told that the buses don’t go to Terminal 1 which is where I’m trying to get to. They tell me I have to take the Underground. So I make my way down and pay 3.50 pounds to take the Underground to terminal 1. This is slightly embarrassing but I laughed so I figure it will make you laugh as well! Keep in mind I’ve never been on an underground train! So I buy my ticket and walk up to the gate and it doesn’t open... A guy from the side yells "use one with a green X" Ok, so I side step, oops this one has a red X too! Side step again, green X Awesome! I walk up to it and it still doesn’t open.. I kinda push on it once or twice and the guy yells again "you have to use your ticket" and walks over towards me (Oh yeah ticket, Durrrrh) So I’m laughing my ass off and the guy takes the ticket from me and puts it through "that’s how you do it" and hands the ticket back to me with an annoyed/amused look across his face! Walking up to the platform there are more gate/entry way things (oh great!) and I sorta hesitate not sure what to do, these ones don’t have ticket acceptor things as far as I can tell, another guy (who works there) asks if I’m ok. I must have looked silly pausing at the gate! I say yes thanks and walk through, whoo it opens! Relief haha! At least I can laugh at myself very thankful for that or my day could have been very embarrassing! Anyways the train pulls up and it is a lot shorter than I expected. The train sways side to side and the lights flicker on and off a few times. I have a huge grin on my face, Yay I’m riding an underground train in London!!! Life is good 😊 I’m the next stop and so only ride for about 5 min. I followed the crowed and luckily end up in the Departures terminal, find bmi and checked in my backpack! I was very happy to do so after having wondered around with it on for only 2 hours my shoulders/collar bone were not happy! Go back through security and then onto my gate with an hour to wait. Perfect! Our boarding time arrives and passes..... About 10 min after we were supposed to start boarding they announce that they are having mechanical errors and are waiting for a tech to come and look at it. The whole time I’m fighting to keep my eyes open and singing along silently with the songs playing on my Ipod in an effort to keep myself awake! I’m sure I looked like a crazy Zombie but I’m ok with that! An hour later we board the plane, the lights and power flicker as I turn into the isle (great...) I find my seat and go to put my bag in the overhead bin but my arms decide they no longer want to work and so instead of lifting my bag up into the overhead bin it is now leaning on my face as I try to push it up into the bin! hahaha It was so funny specially now thinking back about how I must have looked hahaha Anyways I sit down and pretty much instantly fall asleep. I don’t even remember the plane moving or taking off. As the plane begins its decent I wake up and am finally feeling better. Jean (my cousin) is waiting for me in the baggage reclaim area and I almost walk right past him! I probably would have if he hadn’t sort of mumbled a hesitant hello in my direction! My bag came out quickly and we made our way to the car. Its dark and drizzling rain but not too cold. Since my flight was late I miss what is apparently a beautiful drive from Edinburgh to Dundee. We arrive and Lea (Jean's ex) has prepared a wonderful cook it yourself kind of dinner/snack thing. I got to take a shower! Yay it was the best thing ever! Not too long after which I was passed out in bed (It was around 1am). I didn’t sleep well I woke up every few hours wide awake but forced myself back to sleep each time, I’m glad I did cause even though I was a bit sleepy around 3/4 today I’m doing good now. Jean's good friend Jack has been hanging out all day and we walked down into town and they showed me their college campus and a few other places. Sorry I forgot my camera but I’ll take it with me tomorrow! Anyways I’ve made it to my first destination! Hurray!


6th October 2010

Vanessa I am so glad you made it. Sounds like quite the adventure already. Thank you for the wonderful blog. I miss you but can't wait to read more of your blogs and live vicariously through them!
6th October 2010

Oh my Gosh! What a scary 1st day! Glad you made it. Can't wait to hear more!
7th October 2010

Im so glad that you are safe and enjoying your first day! Many more to come; enjoy every moment of it. it sounds amazing...
7th October 2010

YEAH !!!!
So glad to hear you made it safely thru the airport !! Can't wait to see the photos !!!
7th October 2010

:) Very exciting
Quite the first day I can just imagine the look on your face trying to figure out how to get through the gate, which your explanation sure made me laugh. It was great to see that happy face of yours on skype last night. Love you mom.
8th October 2010

From sunny Arizona
Dear Vanessa, What an experience you had and great that you could laugh about it. You are more adverterous than I. Enjoy your time sight seeing. Love you lots xxoo Grandma
8th October 2010

You made it!!
I am gald you're there and safe! Keep us updated.
11th October 2010

Yes Im glad that I can laugh at myself as well! Life is better with laughter!
12th October 2010


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