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September 12th 2005
Published: September 18th 2005
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Glasgow NightoutGlasgow NightoutGlasgow Nightout

Me, Peter and Julie
Visiting a place is always best seen through a local! Thanks to Roddy, we saw Scotland and also saw the inside of a few pubs. Joe and I stayed in Bishopbriggs-Glasgow with Roddy’s brother and fiancé. We stumbled upon a fine day in Scotland where everyone was outside in shorts, sandals and pints of beer in their hands. Meeting up with a few past and new friends, we chatted about the memories of Australia, told a few stories and then proceeded to have a night out in Glasgow.

Still a nice day in Scotland, Joe and I checked out the city center and met up with everyone at an official Scottish BBQ. Aye—as the Scots answer to everything—“You should go see this part of Scotland; well I have never been there but I’ve heard it’s lovely.” Our 3-day itinerary of Scotland was complete and just like the locals would do it. After drinking a bit especially the vintage wine, Joe trying not to make a face while eating a burger with 4 hot peppers and enjoying a bon fire in the grill, the yearbook came out to reveal the 70’s hairstyle of our BBQ host.

Before starting our itinerary, we attended a Celtic preview game against Leeds. It was a small game, but we were able to get box seats with meat pies and sausage rolls at halftime. The biggest rivalry is between Celtic and Rangers, and at the end of all the games the visiting team must leave the stadium first to prevent any fights. The fans don’t mix and definitely not in pubs, but since we weren’t wearing jerseys, we “visited” a few pubs for the after game.

Joe and I hired a Corsa, a very small car, to continue our journey in. Joe was a bit rusty driving at first, but he just had to remember to drive left and look right. We came to Oban first to look around the seaside town and tour the McCraig’s Folly resembling the Colosseum. Driving along the beautiful west coast of Scotland, we continued up to the Isle of Skye, the largest island. The Lonely Planet had said it is very busy during summer time and hard to find accommodation, but we thought differently. Well, the Lonely Planet seemed to be right because every accommodation read “No Vacancies.” We finally found a deserted B&B outside of the town.
Glasgow BBQGlasgow BBQGlasgow BBQ

Roddy and Mossy
The B&B couple has been to Joe’s hometown (Ireland) but also goes to Sarasota every couple of years for their holiday.

After our Scottish Breakfast, we traveled back through Skye for some pictures and then over to Inverness. Oh yeah, on our way to Sky “the driver” relaxed his eyes a bit too much running off the road with one hubcap trailing off. So when we were coming back through, we searched for the missing hubcap but had no luck. Along the way, we stopped off at Urquhart Castle located on the Loch Ness. Loch Ness is home to Nessie, the monster that was first sited in 1934. The currents of Loch Ness carry large objects flowing upstream that can resemble a monster’s head. Ending in Inverness, we walked around the town several times and found the only best thing to do…get a drink.
On our last day, we covered a lot of area going to the Stirling Castle, National Wallace Monument, Edinburgh Castle and back to Glasgow. The night ended with a girls and guys night, where I went with all the Scottish girls for Chinese and Joe went to watch the Celtic game with the guys. Again, the locals always show you a good time with a warm welcoming and good farewell!

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The 70's hair doThe 70's hair do
The 70's hair do

Mossy, BBQ host and Joe
The Celtic StadiumThe Celtic Stadium
The Celtic Stadium

Celtic v Leeds preview game
Uquart Castle Uquart Castle
Uquart Castle

Along the Loch Ness

18th September 2005

Hey Erin, I love your blog and pics. It totally makes me want to come to visit. I am so bummed, I just tried the number you emailed and for some reason it isn't working. I am going to keep trying. It may just be busy, but japanese phones have some different sounding rings and I never know what the mean. I miss you and hope Joe is getting better and that you are having a kick ass time. Talk soon! K xox
18th September 2005

your travels are amazing. you are doing everything i possibly ever wanted to do. in 15 days i will be traveling through europe, 4 weeks in ireland, 1 week in scotland, 1 week in london, and 4 days in paris and my last few days back in london where i will fly back home. i do honestly have to say you are an inspiration. Good luck in the rest of your travels Nikki B
18th September 2005

I wish to you very success and good moments, the Blog is very important and interesting. Hugs for all. Thibes

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