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September 7th 2012
Published: September 7th 2012
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In 2005, we spent two weeks exploring Scotland and fell in love with the country. Hopping off our flight in the Shetland Islands, we acknowledged that it is good to be back on Scottish soil. The green rolling hills and craggy coastline are so inviting. Our day started early leaving for the Reykjavik airport at 5am giving us plenty of time for airport security and all the other nonsense that yo... Read Full Entry

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best we've had
Runway over highwayRunway over highway
Runway over highway

watch for air traffic
In small town along roadIn small town along road
In small town along road

wonder if it still works?

7th September 2012

dodgy word...
you can say 'pony' in the Shetlands and not offend the locals :)
7th September 2012

Yes and they are proud of their ponies!
Loved the music and the slow pace we adopted while here. All is well now on to Copenhagen. Keep in touch.
7th September 2012

I miss those scottish breakfasts!
Have not been there, but Edinburgh and Inverness, Yes. Looking at your photo of Scottish breakfast reminded me of my 1986 visit (that long ago, yes) where I gorged on those full morning uppers! Loving your blogs. What an adventure!
7th September 2012

The Scottish ....
know how to cook a big breakfast. We haven't been in Scotland since is still a lovely country. See you soon!
7th September 2012

Love the fog!
7th September 2012

We did also
It made it rather mysterious and calming. What a great set of islands.
7th September 2012

What a Trip
Hello Dave & Merry, What a great time you guys are having. Connie and I are leaving Oct 4 for Germany & France for a 20 day trip. Are you guys going to be in the area? Please keep the blog/photos rolling. Lots of love, The Binkley's
7th September 2012

We will just miss you.
Hi guys! We would have loved to hook up with you both in Germany, but we leave the last week of September for Nepal. We are in the Amsterdam airport and head to Copenhagen next. Hope all is well with the CA Binkleys. Please send our love along to all. Glad you are enjoying the travel blog. We enjoy writing it and posting the pictures! Dave and Merry Jo
7th September 2012
Shetland Ponies

We used to have one of these ponies. My mum went out one night and pinched him off of a group of pikeys who had left him more or less to his own devices on a piece of waste land near their camp site. He was terribly emaciated and his hooves were so long that he could hardly walk. Lacking any land, we kept him in our garage and three of us used to take him out for a 'walk' every evening to the bemusement of the local neighbourhood. We eventually managed to home him on a lovely 10 acre smallholding where he could run free with another pony and two jersey cows :)
7th September 2012
Shetland Ponies

They are so cute
I'm glad you found a great farm for your pony. We learned they are extremely hard working animals and they used them in the mines a lot. Very interesting history.
7th September 2012

Off-season travels
I so agree with your off-season approach--how great that you're on an extended travel, so you can visit lots of places in this slower time. Also, I got one of my best sheep shots when I hiked with dogs--the sheep all gave us their attention. Maybe you can rent a car that comes with a dog!
7th September 2012

What a great idea
Next time we rent a car we will ask for a dog also. Ha Ha. The guest house we were staying in had a cocker spaniel. I guess we should have taken him with us....lessons learned.
8th September 2012

Sounds Like You are Still Having a Great Time
I loved the silly signs, as well as the runway that crosses the road. That reminded me of Gibraltar. Have fun and know I am with you each stop you make. And I am happy that you are able to take advantage of the off tourist season.
8th September 2012

Off season
It is amazing how many more people are willing to chat with you when it isn't busy or crowded. You know how we love to talk and ask lots of questions. We learned a lot about music and fiddling.
29th September 2012
Boat in the Bay

nice click..
3rd October 2012
Boat in the Bay

Glad you enjoyed the photo
The Shetland Islands provide many photo opportunities.

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